Jubilee General Insurance

Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited was established in 1953 with over 60 years of experience in providing insurance. The company has its presence in all the major cities of Pakistan offering innovative products. Jubilee is one of the top three insurance giants in terms of financial base and gross premium. Jubilee insurance is present in Karachi and Lahore stock exchanges with reputed Institutions like Agha Khan Hospital and Medical College Foundation, Hashoo Group and Habib Bank among its shareholders.

Comprehensive insurance plan

Motor Insurance

This is acquired largely by ability to handle claims effectively. The customer focus and proactive management approach in all areas of business, allow Jubilee General to underwrite and handle claims in an expeditious and efficient manner.

Who can Insure

Large corporate groups having fleet of vehicles, leasing companies, banks offering auto loan schemes as well as individuals.

Cover available against 

  • Private Car Comprehensive
  • Commercial Vehicle Comprehensive
  • Motorcycle Comprehensive
  • Motor Third Party Liability
  • Trade Plate Policy

In addition, for those wishing to have only restricted cover we also offer insurance covering 3rd party liability cover only.