MCB Car Loan - MCB Car Financing Calculator

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)


MCB was founded in 1947 with the objective to provide banking facilities to the business community of South Asia. MCB is Pakistan’s fourth largest bank with a customer base of approximately 4 million and a nationwide distribution network of 1,190 branches.One Can culculate his/her monthly Car Loan Payment through MCB Car Loan Calculator

Car Financing Products

MCB’s car leasing solution is called Car4U and has the following benefits:

Contact Details

Visit your nearest MCB branch or call 111-000-MCB (622). You can also find more information online here.

Features and Benefits

Option for financing or leasing
Financing tenures from 1 to 7 years
Option for new as well as used cars
Options for local as well as imported cars
Financing up to Rs. 25 lacs
Option for early payment
Option for replacement loan
Lower mark up rates
Lower insurance rates
Minimum 20% down payment
Fast and hassle free processing of application
Priority delivery on different vehicles
No processing fee if the case is declined
Pay your down payment after your loan is approved
Existing customers for Personal Loan, ‘Pyara Ghar’ or ‘Business Sarmaya’ are given a discounted rate.


  • Pakistani citizenship
  • If you are a salaried person your age must not be less than 22 years or more than 65 years.
  • If you are a businessman or a self-employed professional your age must not be less than 21 years or more than 70 years.
  • A businessperson should be the sole proprietor/ partner/ or a director of reputed business company.
  • Have a minimum take home income of Rs.25,000 per month.
  • For Salaried person at least 3 months of experience is required
  • If you are a businessman or self-employed professional you must possess at least 1-year experience in the same profession or business.