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Online Vehicle Verification In KPK
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Online Vehicle Verification has become vital, especially in KPK, where NCP vehicles and body changed cars are commonly present. It is important to purchase a vehicle which is clean and has no trouble in the court of law. As its present in the rest of Pakistan, KPK motor registration authority and Excise and taxation department KPK felt providing the portal too. KPK vehicle registration is slightly different regarding procedure and cost compared to Sindh. Most of the vehicle registered in KPK is of Peshawar.

MTMIS KPK - Excize and Taxation KPK

Motor Registration Authority Peshawar along with KPK Excise is going to help out in providing the desired information of a particular vehicle.To make it accessible for everyone, PakWheels has managed to get the online vehicle verification KPK,MTMIS Peshawar is available online so that it is just one click away.
To operate MTMIS KPK Government portal in, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Select MTMIS Pakistan under the tab More present at the top right of the page
  2. Select MTMIS KPK
  3. Select District
  4. Select if the vehicle is registered or is being run on temporary number
  5. Enter the vehicle registration number e.g.A-0000
  6. After providing the information, click on the search tab

You can always change the district and registration number if you believe there has been any mistake in providing the information.
Once MTMIS KPK government has verified the information you provided. You will see a table containing the following particulars:

  1. Vehicle registration number, the same you provided above
  2. Maker Name
  3. Chassis Number
  4. Owner Name
  5. Model
  6. Engine Number
  7. Owner Father Name

Car registrations check KPK and online MTMIS KPK is important as it's connected with Afghanistan border and smuggling activities are pretty much common in the region.