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Online Vehicle Verification In Punjab
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It is very common to hear different types of frauds in car deals and therefore it is very necessary to get the vehicle history checked. Whether it has had a criminal record or it is clear, MTMIS Website helps to verify these details. MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Checking is available for your convenience at PakWheels. Online car verification by Government of Punjab is therefore very necessary to avoid such legal issues in the vehicle.MTMIS Punjab vehicle registration and transfer is slightly different compared to Sindh, and therefore the need for clear details was necessary. 

Online Vehicle Verification - Excise and Taxation Punjab

Excise and Taxation Punjab has made it easy for people to check the history of the vehicle. Punjab motor registration authority is going to provide details of any car one is willing to purchase online. The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department will help you out in providing the tax history of the vehicle. There are many vehicles on the streets whose tax is not up to date. Online MTMIS Lahore by Government of Punjab has been very successful, and MTMIS Punjab government received a very positive and encouraging response. The availability of MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Checking facility by motor registration authority is a blessing for the citizens. 

To operate MTMIS Punjab Government Portal on, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Click on the “MTMIS Pakistan” present under “More” tab found at the top right side of the page.
  2. Select MTMIS Punjab
  3. Enter the vehicle registration number, e.g., (XXX-000)
  4. Put in the simple captcha code
  5. Click on the search vehicle button

MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification

You can always change the information by reloading the page if you believe there is some mistake in the information.
Once MTMIS Punjab Government has completed the verification of the information you just provided, you will see a table containing the following particulars:
Details of Vehicle

  1. Reg.No
  2. Chasis.No
  3. Engine.No
  4. Make name
  5. Registration date
  6. Vehicle price
  7. Year of manufacture
  8. Color
  9. Token tax paid up to

Detail of Owners

  1. Owner name
  2. Owner Father name
  3. Owner City

Details of owners depend on how many times the vehicle has been transferred. If the vehicle has been transferred twice or trice, the data will be shown accordingly in Punjab vehicle verification. Online vehicle verification Punjab shows almost all the basic details an individual needs to know about the car or bike. However, such details are not provided in MTMIS Sindh. Reviews reveal that Car registration check Punjab is very useful and has helped many people in different situations. You can online verify your favourite car including Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic etc.