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Car Verification Karachi | Sindh

Verification of documents is an essential prerequisite to consider when buying a used car. To alleviate this critical issue, Government of Pakistan has formulated a portal known as MTMIS (Motor Transport Management Information System).

Like with all of Pakistan, Sindh too has this portal. MTMIS Sindh is linked with Excise and Taxation Karachi. In addition to MTMIS linkage with Karachi excise, it also receives data from the Motor Registration Authority Karachi.  

MTMIS Sindh Vehicle Verification | Car Verification Karachi

MTMIS Karachi has a pivotal role in online car verification of vehicles registered in Sindh. Since it acts as a car registration, check in Sindh. All of MTMIS Online system features contribute to giving you a complete and comprehensive legal look of the used car that you are interested in purchasing.   

As always, has worked to help car buyers in Pakistan by providing them with all the tools that they need for buying or selling a car in Pakistan. MTMIS Sindh, which is connected with Sindh Motor Registration Authority, is nothing different. Now under one page you can get all the information you need for either a four wheeler or a two wheeler.

How to use MTMIS Sindh?

  1. Select MTMIS Sindh at the top of the page

  2. Choose the type of vehicle i.e. either a four wheeler or a two wheeler

  3. Enter your registration number, e.g., (PW-2016)

  4. Solve the simple Captcha.

  5. Click/tap "Search"

Note: If you feel you have input the wrong information, just hit the "Reset" button, and the tool will erase the information you entered.

Once MTMIS has verified the information you just entered, you will see a table containing the following particulars:

  1. Registration No

  2. Registration Date

  3. Tax Payment

  4. Engine No.

  5. Owner Name

  6. Class of Vehicle

  7. Horse Power

  8. Make

  9. Body Type  

  10. Model Year    

  11. Safe Custody

  12. CPLC

  13. Seating Capacity 

  14. Class of Vehicle

CPLC Car Verification Karachi

As mentioned above the Government of Pakistan has made a portal named MTMIS (Motor Transport Management Information System) for each of the provinces. The MTMIS of Sindh also caters to the needs of the public. It basically gives one a comprehensive look at the used car that they are interested in purchasing. Indeed a great step by the government.


Apart from checking the car details from MTMIS before its purchase, there is another way to find the details of the vehicle and that is CPLC (Citizens Police Liaison Committee). CPLC has a strong database, it has all the data of cars running on the roads of Karachi. One can go to CPLC office or can also call to check about any car.


Moreover, if your car has been stolen contact the police station and also CPLC. The Official site of CPLC Karachi is working actively.

CPLC is a unique example of public-private partnership whereby citizens have come forward as volunteers and working hand in hand with law enforcement agencies. CPLC Strive to Monitor & Prevent Crimes, Protect Lives & Property, Uphold the Rule of Law and ensure continuous improvement in its services.

CPLC Karachi - Contact Details

+92 21 35662222 | +92 21 35682222