Toyota Corolla - 1985

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The car's been in the family since 1985, there is a lot work that has been done over the years to keep the car not only running but looking good as new. A brief specification is as follows: Model: Toyota Corolla Chassis: AE80 Custom paint job: Sabaru's java black pearl (Car came with plain black paint from the factory) Engine: 2ZZGE from a Celica (1.8L, 190bhp, redline 8600rpm) Transmission: 6 speed (C60) Fuel system: 255lph Walbro fuel pump along with aeromotive by-pass FPR Tires: 195/55 on 15” BBS RS Spoiler: GT (FOHA) Suspension: Coilovers with ride height and damping adjustment. Miscellaneous: GT speedo with 9k rpm cluster, AE82 GT strut bar momo gear knob, Simota intake filter with 3" cold air intake, etc

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