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1993 - 1995 ( 1st Generation )

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Daewoo Racer Overview

The 1st Generation Daewoo Racer was launched in 1993. The Daewoo Racer is a front engine front wheel drive subcompact compact sedan. The 1st Generation Daewoo Racer is also known as the Daewoo LeMans and the Daewoo Cielo in other regions of the world. The Price of the Daewoo Racer 1993 was competitive when compared to other cars in the same class available in the local market. The 1993 Daewoo Racer lasted in production for just three years. The 1st Generation Daewoo Racer was available to purchase in the year 1993, 1994 and the year 1995.


The 1st Generation Daewoo Racer features a fairly restrained and minimalistic design language. The front end houses trapezium styled side swept headlights, a trapezium shaped black colored grille and an outward sticking bumper with black horizontal strips. The rear end houses stacked rectangular style side swept taillights, a black plastic trim piece placed in the center of the trunk and a large outward sticking rear bumper with a black horizontal strip running its length. The overall exterior of the 1st Generation 1993 Daewoo racer features a standard sedan like shape and design for a car released in the mid-nineties.


The interior of the Daewoo Racer 1st Generation compromises of black plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include air conditioning, a stereo speaker audio system and a tachometer. The majority of all controls in the 1993 Daewoo Racer are finished in black plastic and are operated manually. The overall interior of the 1st Generation Daewoo Racer features a below par interior space in both the front and the rear when considering the compact sedan's exterior dimensions.


1.5 Liter OHC Inline-4

4-Speed Manual Transmission
3-Speed Automatic Transmission


The Daewoo Racer 1st Generation can achieve an average of up to 11KM/L making for an estimated range of 550KM from the compact sedans 50-liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the Daewoo Racer 1993 are the Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Liana, Honda City and the Suzuki Margalla.


1.5 Liter OHC Inline-4 75bhp@4800RPM

Pros & Cons

Reasonably comfortable
Good ride quality

Below par interior space
Lack of spare parts
Expensive maintenance

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