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1977 - 1981 ( 4th Generation )

Datsun 120 Y Overview

The 4th Generation Datsun 120Y was introduced in 1977. The 1977 Datsun 120Y is a front engine front wheel drive sub compact sedan. At the time of launch the Datsun 120Y 3rd Generation was one of the cheapest cars available to purchase. The Datsun 120Y 4th Generation featured an updated design language that brought it closer to the modern design language of that era and slightly larger exterior dimensions. The 4th Generation Datsun 120Y is also referred to as the Datsun Sunny in other regions of the world. . The Datsun 120Y was available in 6 versions 2-door hatchback, 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, 3-door wagon and 5-door wagon. Production of the 4th Generation Datsun 120Y lasted for 5 years, the Datsun 120Y was available to purchase in the years 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981. The price of the Datsun 120Y 1977 was very competitive when compared to other cars in the same class available in the local market.


The exterior of the 4th Generation Datsun 120Y features a fairly restrained and minimalistic design language. The front end houses rectangular side swept headlights, a rectangular black colored grille with a chrome accent and an outward sticking chrome bumper. The rear end houses rectangular styled horizontal taillights and a chrome outward sticking bumper. On the 2-door hatchback the Datsun 120Y 1977 features a sloping rear end with smaller rectangular horizontal taillights, a standard case hatchback and a chrome bumper. On the Wagon versions it houses stacked vertical rectangular styled side swept taillights, a sloping roofline and a standard case tailgate. The overall exterior of the 1977 Datsun 120Y features familiars styling for a car designed in the early seventies.


The interior of the 1977 Datsun 120Y features the use of brown plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in Vinyl. All aspects of the Datsun 120Y’s limited interior controls were finished in black plastic and operated manually. Options include fabric seats. The overall interior of the 4th Generation Datsun 120Y offers below par interior space for a compact sedan of its exterior dimensions, lacks essential features and refinement.


1.2 Liter Inline-4
1.4 Liter Inline-4
1.6 Liter Inline-4

4-Speed Manual Transmission
5-Speed Manual Transmission
3-Speed Automatic Transmission


The Datsun 120Y 4th Generation can achieve an average of up to 12KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 540KM from the compact sedans 45-liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the Datsun 120Y 1977 are the Toyota Corolla.


1.2 Liter Inline-4 64bhp@6000RPM
1.4 Liter Inline-4 70bhp@6000RPM
1.6 Liter Inline-4 92bhp@6400RPM

Pros & Cons

Fairly Economical  

Lacks basic features
Noisy Cabin
Uncomfortable ride
Lack of spare parts

Datsun 120 Y Price in Pakistan


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