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Datsun was taken over by Nissan Motor Co. in 1933. Initial plans were to produce a massive amount of small vehicles under the brand name Datsun to couple with the needs of emerging markets. The company rolled off its first vehicle in 1935. The models were exported to countries including Australia as well. Datsun cars were a symbol of modern industrialization in Japan which was also supported by its slogan at that time. The company grew its roots as the signs of war grew more evident to provide military vehicles and other military related automated machinery to aid the war and provide an edge to the country. After the war, the factory facility remained occupied and the production process came to a halt for more than a decade. Later, they resumed their production and had to join hands with Austin Motor Co. of the British. The production was enhanced and popular Datsun car models such as the 1959 Datsun Bluebird and 1960 Datsun Cedric were rolled out. The most popular car produced by the Nissan-Datsun venture was the 1966 Sunny which made its way to the 21st century. In Pakistan, Datsun 120Y, Datsun Bluebird and the Datsun Cedric were most popular for their reliability and low maintenance costs. A few of the iconic sports cars of history included the popular Datsun Fairlady, also known as the Datsun 240Z. Datsun cars in Pakistan were very limited due to the fact the the Datsun venture of Nissan was dismissed in 1986 by the Nissan Motor Co. as there was no need for a separate venture making same cars where Nissan itself was proving to be very profitable for the company. However, in 2013, the Datsun has been revived with all new Datsun car models such as the Datsun Go, Datsun Go+. Datsun on-DO and the Datsun mi-DO. The new model line-up has been introduced to cope with the emerging markets of growing economies of the world as a low-cost brand to fulfill the requirement of quality and budget vehicles for the mediocre class. We surely look forward to the arrival of Datsun in Pakistan with lower price tags.

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