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Ferrari is an Italian Luxury-Sports car manufacturer which debuted with its first production car in 1947 and is based in Maranello, Italy. The company is well known for its history in automotive racing, including the famous Ferrrari Formula 1. They produce the ultimate luxury and high-performance cars with aggressive and traditional styling and very high price tags, which makes it one of the most renowned auto manufacturers throughout the world, including Pakistan. Despite having a very high price tag and the import and custom regulations, there is a number of Ferrari’s to be seen in Pakistan. The 2015 Ferrari lineup includes the Ferrari 488, Ferrari 458, Ferrari California, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari FF and the Ferrari LaFerrari. The Ferrari prices start from $188k and goes up to $400k for the production models which multiply according to our import regulations and duties and make the Ferrari price a fortune in Pakistan. In Pakistan, a couple of rich people have imported Ferrari’s. The Ferrari cars in Pakistan include the Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari 360 Modena and Ferrari 512. There might be more of them but these are the ones which have been seen and have participated in Auto Shows throughout Pakistan. According to our recent estimate, a Ferrari F430 was imported in Pakistan at a staggering price tag of 35 million PKR. The Ferrari 599 imported in Pakistan had an even higher price tag as the Ferrari 599 was the most expensive and the most powerful Ferrari until 2012. With the increasing awareness and automotive enthusiasm in the people of Pakistan, we can expect more Ferrari’s to be imported in Pakistan in the coming era. Moreover, high-end car repair and maintenance services are also being introduced in Pakistan which removes a major hurdle of importing exotic cars in Pakistan.

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