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Hummer is an iconic vehicle inspired by the American Army truck, “the Humvee”. It is basically the civilian version of the military warrior truck with similar features and looks. The original Hummer H1 was owned by AM General, an American military and commercial automaker company. Later, General Motors (GM) bought the brand from AM General and released two more Hummers, H2 and H3, in the American auto market. Since their debut in 1992, thousands of Hummers were sold in America every year until 2010. That’s when GM produced the last Hummer. After a decade of no show in the market, a new electric Hummer is coming in 2021. Hummer Pakistan has one or two H1 and a few H2 and H3 cars. 

Hummer Car Prices in Pakistan:

Hummer Cars are also widely available in used conditions starting from PKR 9,500,000 for a used Hummer H1 to PKR 17,500,000 for a used Hummer H2. There are a total of 3 Hummer Cars available for sale in Pakistan on PakWheels.

History of Hummer

AM General introduced Hummer in the civilian market in 1992. H1 became a massive hit with Hollywood celebrities and became a status icon in America. In 1999, General Motors became the owner of Hummer. The company released H2 shortly after 9/11 in 2002. Then came H3 with an end to the production of Hummer cars in May 2010. GM has recently decided to make a comeback in the American auto market and announced the launch of GMC Hummer EV. Pakistan has seen only numbered imported Hummer vehicles. 

Performance and Technology in Hummer Vehicles

All hummer vehicles are all overwhelmingly powered four wheelers with extraordinary off-road capabilities. 

  • Hummer H1

The Hummer H1 is not much different than its military sibling, the Humvee. It carries almost the same toughness with 6.6-litre Duramax engine with 300 hp and 37-inch tires. However, AM General made it more stylish and gave it the look of a regular people vehicle. 

  • Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 is a slightly smaller, less expensive, and more comfortable version of the H1. With a 6.0-litre V8 engine with 300hp, it is still a massive car that’s a little hard to drive on the city roads. The car came in two variants: the H2 SUV and H2 SUT. 

  • Hummer H3

The third Hummer is the smallest of all and the one that actually fits in the garage. H3 has a 5.3-litre V8 engine with 239hp, 33-inch tires, and all the off-road capabilities as H1 and H2. As per definition — a midsize pickup truck for civilians — H3 is the best Hummer ever made. 

  • Hummer EV

The Hummer EV is going to be an electric super-truck with three different variants planned for 2021, 2022, and 2023, sequentially. The standard Hummer EV will deliver 1000hp and will have the capability to go 162km with 10m of charge. The second variant will be called the Hummer EV 3X and will produce 800hp. The third variant, EV 2X, will have a further reduced power of 625hp.

Hummer Cars in Pakistan

Hummer Pakistan is a brief chapter and only a few lucky Pakistanis own this American military inspired truck. Since General Motors is no more producing the old Hummers, you cannot own a new Hummer in Pakistan. However, you can check if any of the rare items are on sale from PakWheels used car section to get your hands on a collector Hummer car. 


Other Hummer Cars

  • Hummer H1

    Hummer H1

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    1 Used Hummer H1 for Sale
  • Hummer H2

    Hummer H2

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    1 Used Hummer H2 for Sale
  • Hummer H3

    Hummer H3

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    1 Used Hummer H3 for Sale

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