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  • “JMCA Blue cover Burnt Tip Exhaust” For sale

    Up for sale is this branded exhaust(titanium exhaust)a biker with a big bike can make his bike sound better using it 800$ is the price on JAPAn are few reference pics...

    19 replies 2013-05-05T18:21:21+05:00

  • JMC Landwind Yusheng SUV (Changan)

    Jiangling Motor Holding (JMH), JMC is co-owned by Changan Auto and Jiangling Motor Group (JMCG). JMC is also known by the Landwind brand name in a number of export markets. JMC rol...

    3 replies 2011-12-24T05:11:39+05:00

  • JMC Landwind CV7

    Jiangling Motors (JMC) Landwind is a subsidiary of Changan. The CV7 sedan is a completely modified Ford Fiesta sedan, since Ford is also a Joint Venture Partner of Changan, hence Changan ge...

    4 replies 2010-06-21T07:04:23+05:00

  • No, Zotye is not an electric car launched in Pakistan?

    Originally published at:

    3 replies 2020-01-05T16:15:26+05:00

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