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JMC Available Models

  • JMC New Boarding

    JMC New Boarding

    PKR 29.5 - 39.5 lacs
    0 Reviews
    1 Used JMC New Boarding for Sale
  • JMC Vigus

    JMC Vigus

    PKR 50.2 - 50.2 lacs
    1 Reviews
    2 Used JMC Vigus for Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

The lowest price model of JMC cars in pakistan is JMC New Boarding, priced at PKR 2950000.0
The highest price model of JMC cars in pakistan is JMC Vigus, priced at PKR 5015000.0
JMC New Boarding is the most fuel efficient car model in JMC with an average mileage of 12 km/liter.


  • “JMCA Blue cover Burnt Tip Exhaust” For sale

    Up for sale is this branded exhaust(titanium exhaust)a biker with a big bike can make his bike sound better using it 800$ is the price on JAPAn are few reference pics...

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  • JMC Landwind Yusheng SUV (Changan)

    Jiangling Motor Holding (JMH), JMC is co-owned by Changan Auto and Jiangling Motor Group (JMCG). JMC is also known by the Landwind brand name in a number of export markets. JMC rol...

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  • JMC Landwind CV7

    Jiangling Motors (JMC) Landwind is a subsidiary of Changan. The CV7 sedan is a completely modified Ford Fiesta sedan, since Ford is also a Joint Venture Partner of Changan, hence Changan ge...

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  • No, Zotye is not an electric car launched in Pakistan?

    Originally published at:

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JMC Reviews


JMC Vigus 7

PWUser162636828018 Aug 04, 2021

This is the latest model of Double Cabin, imported through Universal Auto Engineering, Authorized distributor of JMC commercial vehicles for Pakistan, Latest Model, Automatic, 2.0 TDCi , Diesel En...