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  • Style 3-rating
  • Comfort 4-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 4-rating

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Suzuki Liana LXi User Review

Liana performance in Hills n plains

Suzuki Liana LXi

Posted by shershahiba on Apr 24, 2012

i own a liana Lxi,i have driven the car in Nathiagali,Murree,bhurban and hav found it superb.i have driven it from Peshawar to karachi in hot summers and its AC was immaculate.very economical on fuel(petrol and CNG).Road grip is pleasing both in hills and plains.Cabin is noiseless.its ABS has to be praised as i have experienced it on Lahore-Peshawar motorway.A few tips i would like to share,
1.Never wash the engine.
2.Change coolant in time.
3.Change oil n filter in time.
this is such a wonderful car in this price range that if m... more
  • Style 3-rating
  • Comfort 5-rating
  • Fuel Economy 5-rating
  • Performance 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating
Suzuki Liana LXi User Review

The underated car

Suzuki Liana LXi

Posted by Altamash Khan Attish on May 07, 2010

Dear reader,
I know you must be hearing from many people about how bad this car is. Well, since I have myself driven a lot many cars and have tested them to the fullest extend possible, I have a little to say about this master car.
The Suzuki Liana is first of all is not preferred because it is a fully electronic car. Ordinary mechanics can not handle the likes of such cars. Mechanics who don't even know what Torque means. The car has to be given to an authorized Suzuki workshop in order to be repaired.
... more
  • Style 4-rating
  • Comfort 5-rating
  • Fuel Economy 4-rating
  • Performance 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating
Suzuki Liana LXi User Review

LIANA Flop car

Suzuki Liana LXi

Posted by Honda_rocks on Jan 03, 2010

There is no Liana lover :p.
flope car.
resale is also bad.
koch years use honay k baad engine sound bhi acha nahi rehta. aur engine reliablity bahad kam hai toyota aur honda k mukablay mai.
baleno is much better then liana in
  • Style 1-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 1-rating
  • Performance 1-rating
  • Value for Money 2-rating