Toyota Corona DX Specs and Features

  • Transmission Automatic
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Engine 1498 cc

Toyota Corona DX for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Corona DX Specifications & Features

Toyota Corona DX Discussions

  • Help needed in project!

    salam brothers,Today i saw a toyota corona 1982 dx which is for sale i like its shape.I am willing to buy it for a project car.In your opinon is this car is good for swaping a bigger en...

    4 replies 2012-03-19T08:34:25+05:00

  • How fast is your Car Find here 0-60mph and ¼

    Moved to Correct Section [Mod Edit] I been going throught posts and see members lying about their 0-60 mph or 0-100 km. Plz find ur car and note the t...

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  • How Differentiate between Toyota Corolla 92 Pakistani vs Japanese

    Plenty good points for corolla 1992 identification already mentioned above. I did import one in end 1991 called 92 model) and another one end 1992 (called 93 model). Both came with 4EFE eng...

    22 replies 2020-10-22T18:33:12+05:00

  • Any Chances AE86 For Sale?

    Keep trying, you will find an ae 86 of your choice.When we were buying this, it took us 2.5 months to find a car of our choice. The dent that u see on the passenger door, it was hit...

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Toyota Corona DX Reviews

One of the alltime greatest rides Toyota ever made in terms of Power, Efficiency, Luxury and comfort, Road stability. It falls somewhere between Crown and Cressida and a great competitor for both ...

Exterior is beautiful and sporty. It is an upsized Indus corolla. Interior is very spacious. Includes all the features like power steering, power windows chilling AC. Ride is smooth and quie...