ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022

استعمال شدہ ٹویوٹا پرایوس برائے فروخت اس گاڑی کو امپورٹ کریں
  • مائلیج (کلومیٹر فی لیٹر) 36 سے 40
  • گیئر منتخب کریں Automatic
  • انجن کی قسم Petrol & Hybrid
  • انجن 1797 سی سی سے 1798 سی سی

ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 کی پاکستان میں قیمت

The price of ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 in Pakistan is 14,649,000.0 روپے for its S variant. This price of ٹویوٹا پرایوس in Pakistan is ex-factory.

ویرینٹس سابق فیکٹری قیمت Compare

ٹویوٹا پرایوس S

1798 cc, Automatic, Hybrid

6 Airbags, Rear AC Vents, Navigation, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Traction Control, Steering Switches

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ٹویوٹا پرایوس کے مثبت اور منفی پہلو

پسندیدہ باتیں

  • Excellent Fuel Average
  • Futuristic Engine.
  • Good Safety Features

ناپسندیدہ باتیں

  • Low Aavailablility of Spare Parts
  • Lots of Better Option in this Price Range
  • Odd Exterior Looks

ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 مجموعی جائزہ

Toyota Prius was launched in 1997 as a hybrid vehicle. Its exterior styling was unconventional at that time. It has a fastback style and resembles hatchbacks to some extent. Toyota Prius is not only a fuel-efficient vehicle but also produces much less carbon emissions compared to other vehicles. At first, the Prius was only available in Japan. In 2000, Toyota made it available worldwide as the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Nowadays, Prius is available in a longer hatchback version called the Prius V. It looks more like a minivan. It is also available as a small hatchback similar to Toyota Vitz. This is called the Prius C. 

First Generation 

The first generation was introduced in 1997. It remained in production till 2003. This generation was only available in Japan. This was the time when Prius started to gain attention from the rest of the world. This was because it was the first gasoline-electric powered car that was mass produced. There was a facelifted model introduced in 2000. This model was introduced to the world and was exported from Japan by the company. Standard features in this generation included power steering and air conditioning. In most parts of the world, the Prius was available in three trim levels. These were standard, base and touring. 


Second Generation 

The second generation of Prius was in production from 2003 to 2009. The exterior design was a total revamp compared to the outgoing model. It was marketed as an option between the Corolla and Camry. It had a significant cargo area due to the liftback styling. It was ranked high on comfortability factor as the headroom and legroom were substantial. The battery pack came with a warranty of 240,000 kms or 10 years. 

Third Generation 

The third generation of Prius ran from 2009 to 2015. By the third generation of Prius, Honda had a strong footing with its Insight model. Honda Insight became its biggest competitor in the international market. Toyota had to reduce the price of the third generation Prius in order to make it more competitive. Third generation of Prius had three driving modes: EV, Eco and Power. Evo mode is totally electric and the combustion engine is not engaged. Eco and Power modes provide better performance but at the expense of fuel average. Other notable features included parking assist, radar cruise control and lane keep assist. 

Fourth Generation

The current and fourth generation of Prius was launched in 2015. The fourth generation of Prius was based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. This platform ensured high rigidity of the structure and a lower center of gravity. In 2018, Toyota introduced a facelift of Prius. The facelift model came with an all-wheel-drive option. This option is commonly known as the E-Four system. Redesigned headlights and taillights were the highlights of the design changes. 

Toyota Prius Pakistan 

Toyota Prius Pakistan is a popular car in the country. This is because the ride quality is amazing, the car is fuel efficient and packed with high-end features. These features are not available in the price range of Prius. Spare parts can be expensive but they can be easily bought from the local market. Resale market is very active for Prius and maintenance can be done fairly easily from the local market. 

Buying a japanese car?

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پاک وِیلز کی جانب سے ویریفائیڈ آکشن شِیٹ حاصل کریں

آکشن شیٹ ویریفائی کروائیں

ٹویوٹا پرایوس تفصیلات

قیمت روپے 146.5 - 146.5 لاکھ
باڈی ڈیزائنز سیڈان
طول و عرض (Length x Width x Height) 4540 x 1760 x 1470 ملی میٹر
زمین سے فاصلہ 123 - 140 ملی میٹر
ڈسپلیسمنٹ 1797 - 1798 سی سی
گیئر Automatic
ہارس پاور 96 - 97 hp
ٹارک 142 نیوٹن میٹر
سامان رکھنے کی جگہ 470 L
مجموعی وزن 1310 - 1370 کلوگرام
انجن کی قسم Petrol & Hybrid
مائلیج 36 - 40 کلومیٹر فی لیٹر
فیول کی گنجائش 38 - 43 L
افراد کی گنجائش 5 - Persons
زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار 180 کلومیٹر فی گھنٹہ
Tyre Size 195/65/R15

ٹویوٹا پرایوس ویڈیوز

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اشاعت کی تاریخ: 30 مئی 2022

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  • ٹویوٹا پرائیس مالک کی نظر سے

    ٹویوٹا پرائیس مالک کی نظر سے

ٹویوٹا پرایوس تبصرے

4.0 (28 تجزیے)

ٹویوٹا پرایوس کی اورآل ریٹنگ 4.0/5 ہے جس کی بنیاد

  • سٹائل 4-rating
  • کمفرٹ 5-rating
  • فیول کی بچت 5-rating
  • کارکردگی 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating


Great value for money car

ٹویوٹا پرایوس S 1.8
Haris Baloch May 13, 2022

Toyota Prius S 1.8 is one of the best hybrid cars I have driven. Great comfort, fuel average is 16 to 18 in city depending upon your drive. Suspenion is a little stiff. only use high octane on Pr...


Great value for money

ٹویوٹا پرایوس G 1.5
Ebad Rehman Mar 17, 2022

From the exterior the car looks quite modern for 2005 especially in pearl white, from the interior the car is a bit plasticy but has fabric on door panel and and a good lcd for the battery full a n...

ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 کے رنگ

  • Attitude Black Mica

  • Dark Blue Mica

  • Emotional Red

  • Gray Metallic

  • Silver Metallic

  • Super White

  • White Pearl

ٹویوٹا پرایوس موازنہ

ٹویوٹا پرایوس پر گفتگو

ٹویوٹا پرایوس کی خبریں

ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 کے عمومی سوالات

ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 کی قیمت 146.5 - 146.5 لاکھ روپے ہے۔ مزید معلومات کے لئے آن روڈ کار پرائس کیلکولیٹر چیک کریں۔
ٹویوٹا پرایوس 2022 کی فیول اوسط 36 - 40 کلو میٹر فی لیٹر ہے۔ ٹویوٹا پرایوس کی مکمل خصوصیات ۔کی چیک کریں
ٹویوٹا پرایوسا کی ٹاپ رفتار 180 ۔کلومیٹر فی گھنٹہ ہے
ٹویوٹا پرایوس کی 1 ورزن ہیں جو S ہیں۔
ٹویوٹا پرایوس کی اورآل ریٹنگ 4/5 ہے جس کی بنیاد:
  • سٹائل 4-rating
  • کمفرٹ 5-rating
  • فیول کی بچت 5-rating
  • کارکردگی 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating

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