KIA Spectra 2001 Price in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews

( 1st Generation )

KIA Spectra Overview

The 1st Generation Kia Spectra was introduced in 2000. The 2000 Kia Spectra is a front engine front wheel drive subcompact sedan. Production of the Kia Spectra 1st Generation lasted for just 2 years, the Kia Spectra was available to purchase in the year 2000 and the year 2001. The Kia Spectra is available in 3 variants G, GS and GS-X. The price of the 1st Generation Kia Spectra is fairly competitive when compared to other cars in the same class available in the local market.


The exterior of the 2010 Kia Spectra features a unique and distinctive design language. The front end houses quad circular headlights, a small angular grille, a large intake and a flush bumper. The raised rear end houses angular side swept taillights and an outward sticking bumper. The overall exterior of the Kia Spectra 1st Generation features a unique and very curved design language that allows it to appear distinctive from other cars in the same class.


The interior of the 1st Generation Kia Spectra compromises of black plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include air conditioning, power windows, power lock doors, a stereo speaker audio system and a tachometer. The overall interior of the Kia Spectra 2010 features a modest amount of interior space, it also offers a decent recent and decent level of refinement.


1.5 Liter Inline-4
1.8 Liter Inline-4

5-Speed Manual Transmission
4-Speed Automatic Transmission


The Kia Spectra 2010 can achieve an average of up to 9KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 450KM from the compact sedans 50 liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the Kia Spectra 1st Generation are the Suzuki Liana, Suzuki Margalla, Honda Civic, Honda City and the Toyota Corolla.


1.5 Liter Inline-4 [email protected]
1.8 Liter Inline-4 [email protected]

Pros And Cons

Decent interior space
Decent handling and drive

Lack of spare parts
Expensive maintenance 


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