Mercedes Benz C Class C240 Specs and Features

  • Transmission Automatic
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Engine 2398 cc

Mercedes Benz C Class C240 for sale in Pakistan

Mercedes Benz C Class C240 Specifications & Features

Mercedes Benz C Class C240 FAQs

The minimum price of a used Mercedes Benz C Class C240 is 2200000.

Mercedes Benz C Class C240 Discussions

  • Help required

    these mercs have such a vast price range that each car must be valued according to th espec, milage and condition. these are not local civics or corollas which only have one model and there...

    7 replies 2008-12-26T14:02:00+05:00

  • Wheel size?

    with c240 class,,,,thats a crapy car so i want to try it on this car.......i will go to expert in ny states and find out tromorrow.....

    8 replies 2007-01-29T07:52:00+05:00

  • Need info on mercedeese models

    compresseor comes only in c class.and it has hatch is the cheapest car by can get a brand newone for like $25000-30000.Where as everyclass has different headlight.E cla...

    8 replies 2005-04-26T09:39:00+05:00

  • Cars Spotted in Bangladesh (pics)

    Bro we have these cars in Pakistan. Cars I have seen only in Karachi are as follows: Mercesdes Benz S class (There are many S classes in Khi new shape, The one i like is B...

    177 replies 2005-08-03T07:17:00+05:00

Mercedes Benz C Class C240 Reviews

just front is good back and roof style is very bad roof curve is bad interior is best and luxury price of this car is very high as compared to Audi A3 &A4 car will have awesome and fantasti...


A comfortable car

PWUser15830332896 Mar 01, 2020

I owned a mercedes c class 180 espirit.The car is fantastic in comfort and performance. Its features are are comparable to todays car.It was over engineered for at that time.its my daily driven car...