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Mercedes Benz Pakistan

Mercedes Benz Pakistan – The journey of Mercedes Benz's German cars began on Dec. 22, 1900, and today its general distributor for the new Mercedes car in Pakistan is Shahnawaz Private Limited. Mercedes-Benz Pakistan has a committed distribution network of new Mercedes-Benz cars located in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. For standard retail operations, Mercedes-Benz Retail Operating System has been implemented by Shahnawaz (Pvt.) Ltd. At you can get information on new Mercedes-Benz C Class, Mercedes-Benz CLS, new Mercedes Benz E Class, Mercedes-Benz new S Class, and new Mercedes-Benz SLK. Read reviews about Mercedes Benz new cars in Pakistan.

Technology and Performance of Mercedes Benz

 Mercedes Benz is bringing the innovation and Extravaganza to the motor world for more than 100 years, However, the debate between BMW and Mercedes Benz is never-ending. Innovation is in immense pace in the automobile industry and Mercedes Benz is a major contributor to the innovation The lane departure warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assists system (LKAS), road departure mitigation (RDM), adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Forward collision warning (FCW), etc. are just some of the technology present in their latest models. The advanced illumination of Mercedes Car accompanied by the safety features makes Mercedes Benz the safest available cars on the road. Mercedes Benz is importing a large number of hybrid cars with the increasing trend of hybrid vehicles in Pakistan

Mercedes Benz Prices in Pakistan  

 Mercedes Benz has established dealerships in all of the major cities of Pakistan. Mercedes Benz cars range in Pakistan from 65 lacs to 300 lacs. Mercedes Benz C Class is available for purchase in the price range of 65 lacs to 79 lacs while Mercedes Benz S Class is available in 210 lacs in Pakistan 


According to the figures of Mercedes Benz car for sale in Pakistan, Mercedes Benz C Class has been the most popular vehicle. The sales of Mercedes Benz S Class has increased dramatically after the launch of the new generation. Mercedes Benz is offering two variants in its GLS Series GLS 400 and GLS 500

Final Statement on Mercedes Benz 

Mercedes Benz is a company consistent with new technology and design. The company aims to provide value for money so that the customers are satisfied and are always willing to come back to purchase another vehicle. At PakWheels users can find Mercedes Benz car photos, latest and old models available in Pakistan.

Mercedes Benz Models

  • New Mercedes Benz C Class

    Mercedes Benz C Class 2020

    PKR 108.0 - 177.0 lacs
    14 Reviews
    242 Used Mercedes Benz C Class for Sale
  • New Mercedes Benz E Class

    Mercedes Benz E Class 2020

    PKR 320.0 - 320.0 lacs
    10 Reviews
    185 Used Mercedes Benz E Class for Sale
  • New Mercedes Benz S Class

    Mercedes Benz S Class 2020

    PKR 580.0 - 630.0 lacs
    3 Reviews
    66 Used Mercedes Benz S Class for Sale
  • New Mercedes Benz GLA Class

    Mercedes Benz GLA Class 2020

    PKR 132.0 - 132.0 lacs
    0 Reviews
    1 Used Mercedes Benz GLA Class for Sale

Mercedes Benz Imported Models

  • New Mercedes Benz E Class

    Mercedes Benz E Class 2020

    10 Reviews
    185 Used Mercedes Benz E Class for Sale
  • New Mercedes Benz S Class

    Mercedes Benz S Class 2020

    3 Reviews
    66 Used Mercedes Benz S Class for Sale

Mercedes Benz News

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Mercedes Benz Reviews


Nice Car.

NaveedKhanLodhi Feb 04, 2011

Nice Looking car, Inshallah, Try to buy it. Let see. Although Its Price is high here in PK duet Currept Political system. It should be Round US$:30000 to 45000. I like to Drive it fast, and want...

I got this merc in London,uk it's in black n damn awesome it's in sports addition with 18 inch tyres n rimz over all it's good car n it's drive is so awesome I could not describe n if any1 is intre...

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