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  • Style 4-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 2-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 4-rating

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Mitsubishi Pajero Mini XR User Review

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini XR II

1994 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini XR

Posted by Abdul Rehman on Sep 24, 2019

Familiarity: I owned this car.
I've got all the history of the car saved in my Evernote which i can show you got it used and driving for over 2 and a half years fixed a lot of issues thats how i know this car very much Had a heating problem then i suffered through the AC problem Then Engine got replaced from 660cc to 1100 cc so i had Computer matching problem then little bumping and crashing in problems and all that i fixed Alhamdulillah. then i took this car all up in the northern areas for real off roading and came back all safe Alhamdulillah.
  • Style 2-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating
Mitsubishi Pajero Mini VR User Review

Great buy

2010 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini VR

Posted by Waqar Ahmed on May 14, 2019

Familiarity: I owned this car.
Mitsubishi Pajero Mini is stylish comes with 650cc, 16 valves, EFI Engine.Comfort is good, suspension is average, ground clearence is very good, Its fuel efficiency is 11-13 Km/1lit in city with AC while it gives 13-15 Km/1lit on long journey depending on driving style. Driving posture is very amazing. Exterior look is very remarkble. It comes with some other good features like power steering, power window, a good AC, head unit witb back camera, we can conclude that is a car for the Auto lovers.
  • Style 5-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 3-rating
Mitsubishi Pajero Mini User Review

Pajero Mini 660 Turbo VR II Manual Transmission 1995

1995 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

Posted by Hamzah on Oct 10, 2016

Familiarity: I owned this car.
I had this car for around 5 years, until I sold it in 2016. This is a very good vehicle for short range commuting. Ideal for bachelors, or a very small / young family that just got started... 

Very powerful on the 4x4 scene, especially when offroading on LOW 4 selection. 

High revs make this car heavy on the economy (around 9 km/l - but different cars may vary on the mileage).

I would however not recommend this where intercity travel (highways, motorways etc.) is required, for this vehicle is not intended for high speed / sustained driving. 

Also, watch out for oil issues in this car if the engine / seals etc. begin to drip over. I drove the 5 forward manual transmission, but felt at times it needed another gear... the engine is quite on the upside for its noise.

A good experience overall, and value for money in shape of small SUV. A reasonable AC, powersteering and 4x4 ride.
  • Style 4-rating
  • Comfort 4-rating
  • Fuel Economy 1-rating
  • Performance 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating