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Honda CG 125 User Review

Power Machine

2012 Honda CG 125

Posted by Salman Javed on Apr 16, 2014

Familiarity: I owned this bike.
CG125 needs no introduction in Pakistan. But Honda Pakistan managed to just renew the graphics and sell the same old model again for years until mid 2012. They cranked up the rpm on this one with high air flow, hence more power.

Look and feel:
Overall look is the same as the older models. Honda needs to update it in Pakistan as well as they've done with CGs around the world. If you've got deep pockets, I recommend you go for CG 125 Deluxe.
The muffler is mate black, it looks wonderful but it's dust magnet in this environment. Yo... more
  • Style 3-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 4-rating
  • Performance 5-rating
  • Value for Money 4-rating
Yamaha YD-100 Junoon User Review

Yamaha Junoon is better then other Pakistani bikes

2012 Yamaha YD-100 Junoon

Posted by PakWheels on Apr 15, 2014

Familiarity: I owned this bike.
Look and Feel:

Yamaha is a awesome brand and it's performance is much better then other manufacturers specially yamaha junoon have different style from other regular bikes but it's not too awesome like bikes in other countries :)

Fuel Economy:
I haven't experience this but feels fine for me because it doesn't hurt me too much.

Ride Quality & Handling:
Quality of accessories is better then our local bikes like the original parts of bike are much better then available parts in market and this bike is very smooth to h... more
  • Style 4-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 3-rating
Suzuki Sprinter ECO User Review

Suzuki Sprinter Review

2013 Suzuki Sprinter ECO

Posted by Saad Salman Malik on Apr 15, 2014

Familiarity: I did not own this bike, but have driven this bike.
The look and feel of this bike is great, build quality is much better than others in the market. You really get something in return for your money.

In terms of economy, the bike is perfect for me. Once I get it filled up, I don't have to worry about getting petrol for a while. I haven't calculated the mileage, but it is definitely much better than the Chinese crap we have in the market.

The ride is super smooth. It really is. And with the soundless engine, it feels as if you're gliding peacefully.

I would suggest to go... more
  • Style 3-rating
  • Comfort 4-rating
  • Fuel Economy 4-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 4-rating
Metro Boom 70 User Review

Fine Bike with Low Price

2013 Metro Boom 70

Posted by Rohail Akram on Apr 15, 2014

Familiarity: I owned this bike.

Look and feel wise Metro , Boom Euro 2 70 is a quite decent ride.
Fuel economy is also good i.e. 50 km avg.
For such low price as compared to Honda CD 70 it is reasonable bike with competitive features.
The maintenance cost is also quite low so I recommend this bike.

  • Style 2-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 3-rating
  • Value for Money 4-rating