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Suzuki Baleno User Review

Baleno: The best Car Suzuki has made so far

Suzuki Baleno

Posted by Abidoon Nadeem on Jun 05, 2009

I have had a Baleno since 2004. Before this I used to own a Suzuki FX.

Given my experience with the FX, the Baleno came as quite a surprise because before purchasing the Baleno I had come to the conclusion that Suzuki did not know how to manufacture a decent car.

If you sit in an Alto or a Cultus or FX for that matter, they seem to share quite a few common driving characteristics.

The Baleno however, is a different beast altogether. This car drives more like a Toyota (people may disagree).

This is my fifth year ... more
  • Style 3-rating
  • Comfort 3-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating
Toyota Corolla User Review

Toyota Corolla "Passion to OWN one"

Toyota Corolla

Posted by itshakeel23 on Jun 05, 2009

On whole Corolla is a very nice car and the new model is having very refreshing look compared to the old one and comfortable too.

Its comfort,looks,power,performance are so impressive that it can flatter anybody to fall in love with it.

The Toyota engine gives you the confidence that it can take you anywhere in the world without giving a second thought and resale is also superb.

Owning this car is like owning a sports car if you get sporty air spoiler fitted and cruise on highway which it can easily ask you to cross a s... more
  • Style 4-rating
  • Comfort 4-rating
  • Fuel Economy 4-rating
  • Performance 4-rating
  • Value for Money 3-rating
Mehran is one of the most successful model of Suzuki. Its a car that is mostly seen on Pakistan roads. Almost 70 percent of the car is manufactured in Pakistan. Why this car is very popular and successful? Well, in 800 cc category , for a very long time , Mehran was the only choice and affordable too to middle class.Still not too many options available when it comes to 800 cc category.
There are some negatives in Mehran too. Its interior and exterior is of poor quality and deteriorates quickly. Suspension , gears , brakes , in fact almo... more
  • Style 1-rating
  • Comfort 1-rating
  • Fuel Economy 1-rating
  • Performance 1-rating
  • Value for Money 2-rating
Toyota Corolla User Review

Se Saloon Review

Toyota Corolla

Posted by Bilal Ahmed on Jun 05, 2009

I used to dislike Toyota Corolla definitely this asian model and after owning is I just hate it :(
I think rating covers what I wanna say ;)
  • Style 3-rating
  • Comfort 2-rating
  • Fuel Economy 3-rating
  • Performance 3-rating
  • Value for Money 3-rating
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