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This is the new Aston Martin Lagonda

This is quite an unusual partnership we think; Aston Martin and Oman Air have partnered to bring us the first photos of the new four door sedan from the British Automaker. There ar...

1. 2015 Suzuki Vitara Photo

2015 Suzuki Vitara – This is it!

Suzuki was all set to introduced the Vitara in Paris this year but like all the marketing departments of the automakers, Suzuki also leaked the first image and few details of the u...


New tax burden for motorcycle buyers

This time it goes for bike buyers, government has again made a move to collect more tax by targeting the bike buyers. The excise and taxation department Sindh, Motor registration s...


Bump starting a Pagani Zonda

So you’d imagine that bump starting a Pagani Zonda is a Pakistan specific thing. That we’re the one’s only caught with pushing a Ferrari or Lamborghini around. Bu...