Here are the custom duties on cars and bikes


Pakistan is a very depressing country when it comes to cars. Much of the cars that we wish to own aren’t made locally and if we go about importing them, then massive custom duties have to be paid in order to bring them into Pakistan.

Even after paying the custom duties, often the cars come cheaper than the locally made ones and mostly though, offer more value for money than locally assembled cars would ever give.

Courtesy of Arghan Tahir of Jumbo International Group, we have the custom duties on bikes and cars that should you choose to import either of them, this is the money you will have to pay to the government in addition of the price of the car abroad.

There is no rocket science involved in calculating the ultimate price after reading the following duty structure, its just simple maths.

Car Custom Duty

Bike Custom Duty

  • Azam Shaikh

    if i am intended to import vitz(’11 or ’12) or axio(’11) directly from japan, so how much of custom duty is gonna imposed to pay? kindly tell me estimated price in PKR

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