Here are the custom duties on cars and bikes

Pakistan is a very depressing country when it comes to cars. Much of the cars that we wish to own aren’t made locally and if we go about importing them, then massive custom duties have to be paid in order to bring them into Pakistan.

Even after paying the custom duties, often the cars come cheaper than the locally made ones and mostly though, offer more value for money than locally assembled cars would ever give.

Courtesy of Arghan Tahir of Jumbo International Group, we have the custom duties on bikes and cars that should you choose to import either of them, this is the money you will have to pay to the government in addition of the price of the car abroad.

There is no rocket science involved in calculating the ultimate price after reading the following duty structure, its just simple maths.

Below is the chart shows Custom Duties of Cars:

Car Custom Duty


Below is the chart shows Custom Duties of Bikes:

Bike Custom Duty


Import policy for used cars :: 3-year old (2014 onwards) cars and 5-year old (2012 onwards) commercial vehicles
Custom duties has been increased 10% from Dec 2015 on 1001cc & above

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  • Azam Shaikh

    if i am intended to import vitz(’11 or ’12) or axio(’11) directly from japan, so how much of custom duty is gonna imposed to pay? kindly tell me estimated price in PKR

  • Wasim Afzal

    I want to import a motorbike 49cc,how much customs and duties I will have to pay.

  • yahya

    i want to import 1400 cc new car how much i would have to pay to custms if its original cost or CIF cost is $6000

  • Zulfiqar Ahmed

    does anyone know the duty of a 250w electric scooter in pakistan?

  • azamlaeeq

    hi please call me on 03009252822 or email i can help in all sorts off custom duties and import of cars ,machines, bikes,any problem solving

  • Zalim

    dont import pleas



  • afzal

    I want to import
    Yamaha ybr 125 custom . Motorcycle
    I need even paper work done by agent himself
    So how its gonna cost me ??
    Of any agent or agency have such services then plz contact me

  • Pervaiz

    Please contect & advice i am self custom cleared any items my cell phon no.03226158036

  • Pervaiz

    Sir show cc custom duty & taxes cc & model please contect me no.03226158036 &03102215188

  • Pervaiz

    Please contect i am self custom clearance any items 03226158036&03102215188

  • Pervaiz

    Sir per cc custom value 14.64 x125=1830 usd value custom assment & duty +sales tax+ incom tax+exisce detailed contect.03226158036&03102215188

  • azamlaeeq

    what year bike canwe import and what is the exact duty
    Thanks Regards, AZAM LAEEQ Company: Faisal USA International
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    Pervaiz (Guest):
    Sir per cc custom value 14.64 x125=1830 usd value custom assment & duty +sales tax+ incom tax+exisce detailed contect.03226158036&03102215188 5:07 a.m., Tuesday Oct. 20 | Other comments by Pervaiz |   |
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    | | for example iam thinking about buying a 125 cc scooter priced at $570 how much duty do i have to pay?Read more |

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  • hammad

    hey just wondering how much import tax will be on 2 liter ca you please let me in dollars thanks

  • Wasim

    Hi does just to see if any one can help please.
    I want to take 2011 Nissan Navara to Pakistan its 2500cc I will take it in January 2016.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Rizwan

    so how much duty for a 300cc bike?

  • Ali

    300cc x USD 14.64 = USD 4392.00

    approx PKR 461,000

  • Bader Hussain

    i want to take my toyota fj cruiser 2014 ? how much it would cost

  • Ibrahim

    How much it will cost if i Import a 998cc bike cost about 9000$(4-5 years old) from america?

  • Abdullah

    How much does it cost if i would like to import honda cbr 150.

  • Muneeb Ali Zaidi

    Can You Please Tell Me How Much I Have To Pay For A Car That Worth $61,000 7500cc.Please Reply Fast.

  • Uzi Mafioso

    Thats why the Suzuki 250cc Inazuma seems like an equivalent offer and you buy brand new… I hate to say it but these laws are there to shield the old players.

  • iftikhar sadeed

    Can anyone tell what is custom duty on German cars. Lets say brand new BMW 3 series with 1496CC engine or Audi A5 with 1797CC engine? Any webpage for information?

  • iftikhar sadeed

    $61,000 x 240%

  • Ans Naveed

    What’ll be the price of 250 cc Yamaha fz 250 if we import from us or India

  • Arsalan

    How much custom duty for importing heavy bike 300 CC from Canada ? i heard its 65% is it true ?

  • Haris

    Can anyone help me calculate the duty on 2011 Prado 2700cc? e.g if I buy the jeep myself in Japan for 30 lac so what and how to calculate the duty+tax on it.

  • Arqum Abdul Moqeet

    email me chassis id please

  • Salman Zeb

    if the bikes are to be imported from Afghanistan can you guied me for custam clearence process

    for bike and will it be same %age applied on bike .

  • asmi

    if i import a car from japan a used car less then 1000 cc how muhc tax i hvto pay

  • tahir

    how will be tax on prado 2014, 2.7cc , if I import from uae in 27000 dollar.

  • Umair

    If i import a hino ranger truck from japan how much custom duty i have to pay plz tell me

  • mahanif

    the duty is approx 34lacs

  • Farhan Khan

    How old year of bike we can import

  • hussain ali

    how much custome duty on 200cc or 250cc bikes import from china

  • Hamm AD KasaNa

    Hello i want to import 2005 model of ford how much custom duty apply on it?it is 3000cc and i want to know on which price custom duty applies?The price of buying car from dealer OR the price of car in market.thanks

  • you can only import 3 year old cars..

  • malik

    Hi Dear, can you please tell how much custom duty on land cruiser v8 2016 model. engine 4.6 litre petrol
    duty will be the price i paid in Ireland or will they have different method please thanks if u answer

  • Asad Khan

    Oh GOD i check the custom duty for the 70cc motorcycle which shown 65%. Is this correct if yes then this is very shamefull for pakistan and Pakistanis.

  • Asad Khan

    Wonderful dear but here the price of ybr 125cc is 130000 pkr so what is profit that you want to own

  • Asad Khan

    Hi dear I want to import motorcycle from China 49cc 70cc and 125cc can you tell me the custom duty for these motorcycles
    I will waiting for your answer

  • Asad Khan

    You have gave fake email ID shame on you

  • Asad Khan

    On 49cc there no duty dear

  • Amir

    Can you please tell me how much custom duty on bikes. (49 CC),(75 CC),(125 CC),(150 CC),(200 CC) and (250 CC),(300 CC)
    Thank you !

  • Shehbaz Choudhry

    Can you tell me please
    Honda pcx 150cc Motorcycle 2016 import from Thailand.
    How much duty in pakistan Lahore ???
    Thank you so much.

  • Zak

    2012 BMW 750
    4.4 liter engine

    Can anyone calculate the duty / expense door to door. CIF

  • Asim Mustafa

    What is the duty on FJ cruiser 2016 4000cc ??
    Can any body replly me

  • irfan shiekh

    how much bikes duty 100cc to 250cc bikes,import from uk,
    and please tell me, can i import bikes 70s,80s,models.import uk to pakistan.

  • hammad ali

    I want to import a Toyota hilux from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan how much it cost please any one calculate this .

  • azamlaeeq

    send details of the unit

  • azamlaeeq

    14.64$per cc

  • azamlaeeq

    we clear all sorts of heavy machinery and plants at excellent rates call me on 03009252822

  • irfan shiekh

    thankyou, but tell me, how many old years models we can import bikes from uk.etc,70s80s?

  • azamlaeeq

    only year 2012 and up

  • irfan shiekh

    why should we can not import 70s,80s, bikes?

  • Umer

    I want to import a bmw 5 series 2016 model from uk to Pakistan how much it will cost please can anyone tell me?

  • azamlaeeq

    please send complete details of the car cost etc and ill let you know the exact duty expense

  • Wajhe Ali

    hello sir … my name is wajahat ali and i live in Dubai ,,,, sir i have 1 question ,,,,, can i import little bit damage or accident-ed car from Dubai to Pakistan … i want to import accidented toyota 2015 model so i will have to pay the same taxes like i will pay for new one ???

  • azamlaeeq

    you will have to pay all duties and taxes as usuall more info call 00923009252822

  • mohsin ali

    sir I can import toyta haice 2013 from Japan.2000cc total cif cast 11000$
    how much custom duity and other taxes in pakistan

  • Shazeem Ali

    Asalamualikum sir i want to import Dodge Challenger and Camaro to Pakistan. Both are 2013 model. Will you please tell me the custom duty from Dubai to Pakistan.

  • Muhammad Umer

    Is there no duty on 125cc motorcycles? Kindly reply!

  • Salman Ahmed

    BMW ki direct BMW se hi import hoti ha cars ki .kisi aur tareeqae se mangwai hui BMW custom walae zabardast kar lain gae

  • Salman Ahmed

    2012 and onward .

  • Salman Ahmed

    250 cc se neechae ki bike import nahi hoti

  • Muhammad Umer

    Oh no! Aik hi bike import karwa Santa tha ab wo bhi nahi ho gi

  • Umar Afzal

    Please confirm, if I would like to import 600cc bike from US to Karachi port, so the duty I will pay is 600 times 13.26 equals 7,956 US dollars right?

  • Umar Afzal

    Please confirm, if I would like to import 600cc bike (yamaha r6 or suzuki GXSR 600)from US to Karachi port, so the duty I will pay is 600 times 13.26 equals 7,956 US dollars right?


    Can I Import My Yamaha Yzf-r25 250cc 2016 To Pakistan After 2 Years..?? I Means 2019 Mein 2016 Ki Bike Import Ho Jae Gi..??

  • azamlaeeq


    duty needs to be paid here you can claim v.a.t over there and export call me 00923009252822

  • Arif

    how much custom duty i have to pay to import 2014 Hyundai genesis 3.8 from dubai. i own the car in dubai and just moved to pakistan.

  • Asif Usman

    Banchood jitna keemat car ya bike ka new showroom mein nahi hai jitna banchood yeha pakistani government Tax mang raha hai. Mein Dubai mein US se Ninja sports bike jaisa ka Honda Cbr or Suzuki GSR mangata hon jo sirf muskil se 3 ya 4 lakh pakistani rupiya lagta hai mera yard tak pochna mein US se Sharjah tak Sab kuch shipping or tax ks sat. Lekin banchood pakistani government 5 se 10 lakh rupiya sirf tax mangta hai. Sab harami hai pakistani siyasat mein.

  • Farooq Ali

    brother mene bike purchase kia hai gsxr600 uske paper jo mujhe showrrom wale ne dea uspe 400000 takreeban kharcha aya tha custom ka

  • Farooq Ali

    bike engine jitna barah hota jaega us hisab se custom kam hoega

  • mohsin

    i want to send corolloa 2013 car from Saudi Arabia.
    what are the taxes i have to pay??

  • Sardaar Sohail Dugar

    Pakistan zinda bad, Pakistani laws ki bhen ki ….. ma …..!

  • Sardaar Sohail Dugar

    Gashti k bachay har taraf sa humain loot kar kha rahay hain aur bijli phir bhi nahi xD

  • Sohail Anjum

    if the car rate is for example 2000 so they take double tax like 4000.why they take fifth are sixth rate .we keep in Pakistan a lot of big fat man so this duties go there big fat and it is not possibly to full that.

  • Ahsan Sunny


  • Qasim57

    I personally know people who’ve imported CSC Rx3 (a ~250cc bike).

  • Asad

    we will charge you burj-ul-Arab.

  • Asad


  • asad

    tu cycle import kar -3000cc :

  • Shah Qureshi

    I want to import 2kw electric motor car from china, what is duty. can any one help me,
    I know I have to pay some basterd at port under the table that is extra.

  • Muhammad Shoaib Sarwar

    I want to ship my Toyota rav4 2014(2500cc) to Pakistan. How much duty I have to pay?

  • azamlaeeq



    Company: Faisal USA International


  • azamlaeeq

    Please call me 03363810458

  • azamlaeeq

    From which country email me all details

  • azamlaeeq
  • azamlaeeq
  • Adeel Kayani

    Is trhaaaa to tooo much tax Banta ha koye jogarr ney chalta Pakistan main

  • Adeel Kayani

    Bahiiii app ka 4 lack karcha aye tha ager main be 600ccc bike import karooon tu kiya karchaaa aye ga aur main bike uk Sa import Karon ga aur ager app ko koye aur country pata ha jahn bike cheap Han main Wahan pa be ka saktaaa hooo plzz muja guide kar dain thanks

  • Adeel Kayani

    Bahiiiii app ko kuch pata hoo ager bike Dubia Sa pakistan bajniiiiiii hooo tu cargoooo kiy charge karta ha aur bike pakistan Karachi ka alwaaaa be kise aur place Sa pick kar saktaaaaa Han aur plz ager app ko ptaaaa hoo ka 600cc pa kiya custom duty ho ge plz ager kuch information ha tu

  • Zahid Ali Mughal

    I want to bring Toyota Prius 2016 from Dubai what is the total expenditure to receive at home

  • azamlaeeq

    Total expenditure which city you want delivered

  • Mehmood Anwer

    Dears, Appreciate your expert advice,

    1. Duty on Bike 220cc made in India ( Bajaj street liner

    2. if I bring by road (
    riding on bike ) what paper we need ???

  • Hassam Umer

    i want to import a bmw 7 series 2016 model from uk…can u tell me the detail plzz

  • azamlaeeq

    it wil be imported under t/r

  • Zubair

    Hello i want to import 150cc heavy bike from china alibaba and its price is 600usd what will be the duty of thic bike please tell

  • Hassam Umer


  • Daud Rattle

    Farooq bhai
    agar mein suzuki Gsxr-150cc import karu indonesia se pakistan
    to kitna custom hoga any idea
    gsxr-150 ki indonesian price Rp 23900000 he
    jisko pakistan rates mein convert karein to 188126 bnte hein
    means bike mjhe 1.9 lacs ki paregi or custom or shippment charges ka aap kuchh idea de dein

  • M Salman Tariq

    I want to Order Some Motorcycles Via AliBaba, How should I Pay the Custom and whats the whole procedure for ordering stuff from china?

  • RemsEz

    hahaha.. dukan pakoro ki aur baatein caroro ki 😀

  • Baluch

    Bandit 250 Meinne 1200 Dirhams ka Liya aur Pakistan Mein Bejne K Liyey Mujhe Custom Lag raha hai
    3 Lakh 55 Hazar 😀 iski ma ka.. itne ka tu bike nahi jitna customs leh rahey hain…

  • Hammad sohail khan

    yes we can import

  • Hammad sohail khan

    we can import my cell # 03462500007 email add :

  • Hammad sohail khan

    used bikes not allowed in pakistan custom

  • Hammad sohail khan

    we can import my cell # 03462500007 email add :

  • Muhammed Ghous Khan

    I am planing to import Daihatsu Mira 660CC Model 2015, what is current customs duty,

  • Hammad sohail khan

    we can import 03462500007 my whatsapp no and is email add

  • Arsalan Shah

    Salam All. Can anyone guide me about how to import a motorbike from japan?

  • Arsalan Shah

    haram khane k aadi hain ye.. Allah pura karay ga har tarha se. Bandit mai khud bhi lena chah raha hu. import ka soch b nae sakta 🙁

  • Muaz Ahmed

    hello i want to import 150cc and 350cc heavy bike from china alibaba and its price is 150cc 600usd and 350cc 1350usd what will be the duty of thic bike please tell me

  • Ahmed Ali

    honda crf 250r dirt bike or kawasaki kx250 how much it will cost in pakistan all included.

  • Chaudhary Bilal

    Bari baigarti hy ye

  • Ibrar Rana

    what would be the customs duty in pakistan for importing 2014 prado TL limited costing 35000 dollars in japan

  • Basit Khan

    poora molk kha rahe rehe bhenchod politicians

  • Sami Khan

    According to above table, it is 204.5%…. So, 35000 x 204.5/100 = 71575 USD approx. This is only the Duty & Tax!

  • Sami Khan

    If it is 250cc.. Then 250 x 14.64 = USD $3660 will be the duty. Add cost of bike in this to get the total cost.

  • Sami Khan

    I think there is no duty on less than 250cc bike according to above table. 350cc cost will be I guess, according to above table = 350 x 14.64 = 5124 + 1350 = 6474 USD

  • basit khan

    can someone guide me how i can buy brand new bmw s1000rr and import it to pakistan and how much taxes would i have to pay? how the custom works can somebody guide me?

  • Salman Malik

    i buy 1000cc and for this i have to paid minimum 1200000 waow great…. i think to be in pakistan we don,t have to complete our wishes

  • Mehboob Ali

    Hahaha 1000$ ki bike or 3660 $ custom duty lakkh di lanat vai

  • Adnan Malik

    Hi brother, Are you sure that there’s no custom duty on bikes which are less than 220cc?

  • shujat Ali

    1000 cc car toyota vits par kitny custom duty lagaigi koi bai bata sakta hai.
    2004 model

  • suhail yousaf

    what about the 150 CC china heavy bike?
    how much duty for 150 CC in bikes in pakistan?

  • Arfeen

    I intend to send my bike an old one for restoration, had I to seek approval from Custom and excise authorities

  • Arfeen

    My question is incomplete I add that I intend to send my Bike out of Pakistan for restoration which department should I approach seeking permission or Custom Excise or both

  • If thats the case then the 140cc Chinese sports bikes that are imported in Pakistan costs around 180000 in customs only and freight plus bike beice extra then hiw could they manage to sale them in 250000 RS according to your tax formula admin…..plz explain

  • Ahmed Ali

    thnx bro.

  • Ahmed Ali

    kawasaki kx100 bike which is 99cc is how much will be hte duty for that????? thnx once again

  • mian rashid m.munir

    Hye I want to import 150cc 2 stoke bike from Indonesia how much the custom and who will import this bike for me? Is there any one to help me plz contact Me at 0332 3668983

  • Muhammad zubair

    Export moter bike
    From India too Pakistan how much pay costam duty per cc

  • malikyasir1

    what is the duty on 249cc heavy bike engine ?

  • Abdullah Mir

    I export motorbikes and Cars from UNITED KINGDOM do let me know if you still looking to import bike or a car. Its not straight forward and it takes hell lots of work to give you price. Only contact if you are serious and you budget is over 20 lacs For BMW S1000RR. My contact details are 00447507711223

  • p hamza963

    what would be the total expence if i want to import honda civic turbo 1.5 from dubai to pakistan

  • Habib Jan

    I want to import Royal Enfield Bullte 350cc Bike from India, could you tell what will be exact custom duties on this bike?
    Please reply…

  • Taha

    Custom on Chinese bikes is less than the other bikes ….not only that but the chinese bike importers import parts on which Custom is even more less and then assemble them and sell. Thats why the can manage to sell them at that price