Lahore Jam

Driving around roundabouts in Pakistan

MM Alam road is where Lahore’s posh restaurants are located and is thus, the most crowded area in Lahore as well. During peak hours at Hussein chowk; it becomes a row of cars trying to maneuver into a never ending circle choking all exit/entry points.
First of all, a lesson for Lahori’s as to how to

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Aquaplane: The hidden danger of driving in rain

It’s been continuously raining for the past few days and Lahore has been reflecting Venice as you step out on roads. In fact, you can’t tell where the road is, it’s just a stream of water flowing across the whole city. While driving in 2-3 feet water may seem the job for 4×4 enthusiasts who

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PakWheels at the Audi A8 launch event in Pakistan

Audi launched the A8 to Pakistan in a festival of glitter, glamor, and music. We were sent the invitations to the launch event by Audi Pakistan’s country manager to be part of the welcoming festivities for Audi’s benchmark sedan; the A8, which by the way has been trailing the Mercedes S-Class since a while due


drive in heavy rain

Three tips for driving in heavy rain

Monsoon rain season will soon be upon us, the heavy rains can give great setbacks on the roads especially to haulage drivers. I’m sure most of them do not consider it as pleasant driving. But because heavy rain always pave ways for vehicle accidents, those who can’t stop their heavy vehicles like trucks, etc, during heavy rains, they can be