New tax burden for motorcycle buyers

This time it goes for bike buyers, government has again made a move to collect more tax by targeting the bike buyers. The excise and taxation department Sindh, Motor registration sub division has introduced new tariff on bike by increasing the price of new registration lifetime token on motorcycles.
Previous tariff of lifetime token was Rs



Duppatta and motorcycles: A tragedy for one, a lesson for others

This incident happened with a cousin of mine and is being shared with the purpose that people take extra precaution and avoid any unfortunate accident. It goes as follows:
My cousin was going with her husband and her new-born baby on a bike somewhere. She was wearing shalwar kameez with dupatta and holding her baby. After

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5 Reasons why your car might be vibrating

Cars do vibrate when you keep them for long enough. Auto problems do surface by the time wear and tear gets on excessive scale. Common problems like vibration can be dealt by a self-diagnosis rather than spending thousands of rupees and hours of wait for a mechanic check-up. Car vibration can be very annoying at

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Car profiling: 1971 BMW 1602′s life in Pakistan

Mr. Shahzeb ul Haq Malik was very kind to let me review all of his collection which included two classics and a vintage car. I will write reviews on all three of them. As one review on all three would be very lengthy and would be chaos for me to write on, therefore I will


drive in heavy rain

Three tips for driving in heavy rain

Monsoon rain season will soon be upon us, the heavy rains can give great setbacks on the roads especially to haulage drivers. I’m sure most of them do not consider it as pleasant driving. But because heavy rain always pave ways for vehicle accidents, those who can’t stop their heavy vehicles like trucks, etc, during heavy rains, they can be

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The Karachi Auto Show is coming!

PakWheels, the last bastion of automotive lust in Pakistan is also the country’s largest automotive fraternity which goes on all cities around the country all year to organize a festival of speed, leather, torque, horsepower, technology, beauty, it is a celebration of everything automotive. The time of the year is coming to make the Pakistan’s