Modi ordered bureaucrats not to buy cars from taxpayers’ money

While Pakistani Prime Minister is approving cars for officials and former officials,  Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has ordered bureaucrats against spending money on buying new cars and other luxurious things.
Modi has ordered bureaucrats to give up travel in the first class and also to pay for their family members’ ticket from their



Exploitation of non-residents by Lahore Traffic Police

Recently, I was visiting Lahore on my Islamabad registered vehicle and soon after I entered the Ring Road, I was stopped by a Traffic Police Warden Mr. Asghar Ali at pole number 123 at around 4:20 p.m. on Saturday 26th-Oct-14. Upon inquiry, he told me that I will be fined as my number plate is

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LPG Kit Pakistan

LPG as alternate fuel in Pakistan

Most of you already know about Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), thanks to the public transport such as Rickshaws and Taxis and their use of LPG as an alternate fuel since a long time. LPG used to be a popular alternative fuel back in the days when CNG was not common but  after the introduction of CNG in the

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Horrific 40RR0R is a mash up of the least realiable cars

Car reliability is a strong driver of sales, the vehicles success, resale, everything is associated with it and if the image of your car being an unreliable piece of crap gets known, it’s resale value will drop and eventually, no one would be interested in buying your car. Its only been the last couple of


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23% of educated people drive without a license in Pakistan

Road Safety is a foreign concept for the people of Pakistan. They say if you can drive a car without hitting someone in Pakistan, you are qualified to drive in any part of the world, which I do not is something to be proud of.
According to a survey conducted by Pakwheels, which took the data

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2014 Honda City officially launched

LAHORE: Weeks of rumors, leaks and speculations come to an end today with the official announcement of Honda City 2014 by Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL).
On October 16, 2014 HACPL hosted a grand launch event of the all new 2014 Honda City at the Royal Palm Golf & Country Club. According to out correspondent