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The Pakistani driving license and its worth

My twin brother has been to many countries of the world due to his job. Places such as U.A.E, Thailand, the Netherlands, etc. Everywhere he went, the story was the same. Pakistani driving license was not acceptable there at all. If you want a driving license, you had to start from zero, do their tests,

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Myth Busting: Truth about High Octane

Automotive Industry, like any other, has been maligned with ‘myths’ which are presented and repeated many times that people ultimately start to believe it. Unsurprisingly, many of these myths are related to getting better consumption, increasing the power of the vehicle or some covert aspect of internal combustion engine. Gasoline can be a confusing topic,

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E Bike Pakistan (1)

First Ride: E Bike T80 Sport

I have been riding a bike for more than 10 years now but never in those 10 years was I ever stopped at every intersection by people asking about my bike. However, this past weekend things were a little different for me. That’s because I was riding the sporty looking E Bike T80 Sport – one


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23% of educated people drive without a license in Pakistan

Road Safety is a foreign concept for the people of Pakistan. They say if you can drive a car without hitting someone in Pakistan, you are qualified to drive in any part of the world, which I do not is something to be proud of.
According to a survey conducted by Pakwheels, which took the data

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