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30 years in prison for a 3700 kilometers test drive

Men love women, more than that men love Porsches, but some men obsess over them and go overboard. Such a man is Jeffrey Todd Crystal.
Crystal, who is a resident of Florida, found himself driving on the wrong side of the law when he tried to buy a Porsche Panamera with an invalid cheque of $109,000.
The 53-year old


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Winter Safety Tips: Winter Tires

Vacations are here so are the breezy winds. Every year thousands of people face severe accidents due to poor grip of tires on slippery snowy roads. To all those residing in areas where they are blessed with snowfalls and winter rains, you need to know about winter tires.
Winter tires are almost similar to the regular

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An owner’s take on the Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 6 speed M/T

The Toyota Corolla 2014 was the most awaited car of this year. The internet was full of Corolla photo’s from around the globe and everyone was confused what Toyota Indus had to offer to the Pakistani market. Gradually, the time came closer and news from many sources started leaking until the day it was finally


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23% of educated people drive without a license in Pakistan

Road Safety is a foreign concept for the people of Pakistan. They say if you can drive a car without hitting someone in Pakistan, you are qualified to drive in any part of the world, which I do not is something to be proud of.
According to a survey conducted by Pakwheels, which took the data

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