Automobile Sector Shows Record Growth as Production Ramps Up!

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The fiscal year 2016-17 has seen a noteworthy development in car production in Pakistan; 20.74% expansion in bikes from 2,071,123 units in FY 2016 to 2,500,650 units in FY 2017 and 5.39% development in autos and jeeps from 180,717 units in FY 2016 to 190,466 units in FY 2017, as indicated by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
A comparative pattern of development was seen for tractors, trucks, and transports with 54.59%, 36.11%, and 4.49% respectively.
The numbers for tractors expanded from 34,814 units to 53,975 units, for trucks the yield developed from 5,666 units to 7,712 units, while 1,118 units of transports were created in the FY 2017 when contrasted with 1,070 units in FY 2016.
While all these vehicles demonstrated a positive pattern, the creation of Light Commercial Vehicles (LVCs) declined from 35,836 units to 24,265 units, less by 32%.
Year-on-Year (YoY):
204,804 bikes were produced in June 2017 when contrasted with 187,825 units in June 2016, going up by 9.04% YoY.
Truck production demonstrated a slight development of 1.16%, from 601 units to 608 units in June YoY.
The numbers for tractors expanded from 3,564 units to 3,926 units, demonstrating an expansion of 10.16% YoY.
Autos and Jeeps creation demonstrated a negative pattern, diminishing by 6.73% from 12,354 units in June 2016 to 11,522 units in June 2017.
The creation of LCVs and transports likewise declined by 39.29% (from 2,204 units to 1,338 units) and 1.32% (from 76 units to 75 units) individually in June YoY.
Large Scale Manufacturing Industry (LSMI): 
LSMI witnessed a development of 5.6% amid FY 2017, with Quantum Index Number (QIN) expanding from 131.90 points to 139.29 points YoY for June-July.
The industrial development month-to-month has diminished by 6.51% in June from May this year, while on YoY it demonstrated a 3.3% expansion in June.


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