Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series swims its way out of a stream

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Toyota Land Cruisers have a reputation of being the toughest and most reliable 4x4s in totally rough and unforgiving environment but usually, this reputation is often believed to be build out of hearsay and people do demand proof. Here’s it!

This 80 series Land Cruiser is one of the most esteemed Land Cruisers of them all whose capability is unmatched even by modern day Land Cruisers as proven in this video and the demand for the 80 series. Although the production in Japan and other countries ended in around 1997, but Venezuelan production of 80 series continued till 2008.

This guy in the videos tries to ford the river in his 80 series Land Cruiser while it may seem to be getting drowned but with the help of snorkel and Toyota’s diesel engine, it successfully fords it way out of the river onto the dry land.

There was more skill of fording a river by the driver rather just the snorkel which just avoids the car from hydro-locking and stranding in mid-river, but what keeps its going to dry land was the skill of the driver.

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