Vitz “Insert Map CD” Solution

For those of you who have a JDM navigation system installed in their Toyota (vitz, belta, axio, etc) and get the following message on their navigation system “INSERT MAP CD”, i have the solution for you.

All that the system needs is a boot CD that will bypass this message. After that you will be able to use most of the features of the system like controlling the treble/base, maintenance log, etc. Everything, apart from the actual GPS navigation will be activated (for that, you require a map file of Pakistan, which unfortunately isn’t available for any system apart from Garmin).

Usually you can go to the market (audio stores) and pay Rs.500-2000 for them to unlock your system.


First thing you need to do is to know the model number of the system you have installed in your car, for eg, NDCN W55 etc. (Model number is usually written at the bottom right of the unit).

After that, download the file from megaupload shared below having your system’s model number. This will download a file called LOADING.KWI.

Once you have downloaded the LOADING.KWI file, burn the LOADING.KWI file to a blank cd. Here you have to take care of two things:

1) Don’t put the file into any folder on the CD. The file must be in the root directory (i.e. it should be the only file on the CD. No folders or anything).
2) The name of the CD should be 86271-V416A8

once you have written the file to a blank CD, just insert the CD in your deck in the MAP slot, and you will be good to go.









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  • arafat

    My car’s Cd player is ND3T-W54.Thank you very much.Its working…haha

  • RAUL


  • Alex

    ndcn-W54 link not wroking any more. Any other solution can be shared.

    Thanks in advance

  • i had same problem when the connection of battery was disconnect..then i went to the show room and bought map disc for ndcn-w55 for 200 it is ok..but can u tell us to change the language in english please?
    thank u

  • Tayyab

    I download the solution for NDDN-W56 and follow the instruction as written in the text file attached with that download but unfortunately it is not running on my NDDN-W56 system that is in Toyota Belta please help me to save my money and time

  • aman

    hi i have a 2008 toyota vitz the nav system is nddn w57- if anyone has any solutions for my cars nav model do let me know , it will be greatly appreciated

  • hAssan

    Thnks So MUCh Bro!! Fabulous job!!

    Now waiting for Map Cd, if it can be arranged in order to make navigation work 🙂


    TC 🙂

  • Cloud

    Hi there, your NDDN-W56 link no longer works (as Megaupload got shut down)… do you have an alternative link or some other way to share this with everyone. Thank you in advance.

  • Sukhee

    Hello, I’m from Mongolia,., I need thid map disc. I have toyota vitz 2007. Player can’t play DVD FM and other. I can’t download this shared file. Can you upload to Rapidshare or orher share?

  • amjad

    I have CDs available for all versions from W54/W55/W56/W57/W58. please email me at ‘’ or call ‘03334386699’

  • asad ali khan

    hello dear my car dvd no is w58 soo what can i do with that please inform me ASAP

  • Hi i have vitz 2008 model. the player model is ND3T-W58 kindly upload the software.


  • Hi i have vitz 2008 model. the player model is ND3T-W57 kindly upload the software.


  • Muhammad Jamal

    I have a NDDN-W57. But the list says that it’s software is still pending. Can anybody tell me when it will be available. And can I use any other software like for w56 in my Stereo. Thanx

  • Ahmad

    Hi. i have a ND3T-W57. Can anyone tell me how to change language from japaneese to engish?
    Furthermore is there any way i can have map of Bangadesh?

    Thanks in advacne.

  • awais awan

    dear these links are blocked so what to do now???????????????????????????????????? plxxxxxxx help me

  • Kashif

    Site has been blocked…. all links provided above are useless now. If anyone has any other links to any other site from where i can burn CD for model ND3T-W57.

  • Zeeshan

    @kashif i’ve download complete dvd about 407 mb but i don’t know what should be the CD OR DVD’s Label as in this post mentioned that 86271-V416A8
    my model is nd3t-w57
    dose any have any info about how to write toyota navi A27 dvd? kindly help me.

    Regards ,

  • Zeeshan
  • shahid

    links are not working . can u c\mail me the software of @admin ? ND3T-D54

  • Eddie


    I have a Vic ND3T-54 but its in Japanese. What can i doo to change it to english.

  • Fahad Ali

    Dear All,

    I’ve NDDN-W57 installed in my JDM car…….Once, battery was disconnected the system asked to insert map disc…..I bought the Disc from market to get the software back…….It worked fine and NDDN-W57 is working fine now BUT the reverse camera is not showing parking Guidlines on display anymore, It was working perfect before…….Now its just showing simple back without any lines to help parking (I’ve already checked all settings)…..Is it because of different software (Not original CD) or is there a sensor disturbed that makes lines curve while reversing…..

    I’ve asked few experts in market but they have no idea…..Any help is highly appreciated…….

    Thanks and Regards

  • talha

    dear jo link ap ny uper provide kiay hain wo to koi result hi nahi dy rahy “SERVER NOT FOUND” yeh error a raha ha plz help me……

  • Saad Asghar Keen

    i cant reach these links. These all links are not responding

  • Saad Asghar Keen

    anyone help me in downloading NDCN-D55. I will be very grateful my email is

  • Shahab


    Can anyone please help me solve “insert correct CD” problem for NDCN-W54?

    My e-mail ID is

  • Ahsan

    You can use the google translate app to read the message. I just the read message on ND3T-54 through that app

  • Ishwar Lal Demra

    Anyone can help to solve “insert correct CD” problem for W61 – Passo 2013 Audio tape?
    E-mail ID:

  • Bilton Garvey

    NDCT-W54E download link does not work 🙁

  • Hey can I get the dnnd w58 map disk download link?

  • Tasho

    Pls ! I have a ND3T-W57 with DVD A2J for navigation it didn’t work. It show a message in japanes with twoo button Open/Close and Eject. Can you help me ?
    E-mail :


    Hi there My brother in law in Fiji is having the INSERT MAP DISK problem with his NDDN W57 We will really appreciate if you can please help us our email Thanking you in advance. Kind regards Rajesh

  • Avelon

    Ndcn w54 the link of it is dead ..
    Someone pls help me .. I need the software really bad

  • Mars Marsh

    Hi Rajesh – i have the map disk solution. could you contact me ?

    I have sent an email to your address

  • Mars Marsh

    Hi – i have the map disk solution. could you contact me ?

    I have sent an email to your address

  • keaven kong

    anyone can help me? i need ND3T-W57 map cd setup seriously….i cant play my DVD a couple months.
    Please email me if you have solution…

  • Omair Safdar

    Hey guys, I need the link for NDDN W58. Anyone intrested to help.? I’ll be really grateful. Thanks

  • Osama Khan

    Excellent Work Thnx alot for NDCN-W55. 🙂

  • Samiul Ehsan

    link not working, can you plz give the links again, for ND3T-W54.
    Thanks in advance

  • Rafat Ullah

    need software for vitz ndcn w54. please help

  • souhaib alvi

    need ND3T-w56 map kindly help

  • Itazaz

    brother I need file for NSDN-W60. I appreciate your help.

  • Hemantha Wijerathna

    Please send me the link ( even Google drive Link ) for NDDN W56
    Because this link isn’t work.

  • Anjana Gunasekara

    can you give that CD software?

  • Agha

    any solution u get brother.. help me to..

  • Agha

    i also want that disk brother..
    email me.

  • Usman Iqbal

    Brother can you plz send me the file because of the reason above link is not working. here is my email:

  • Usman Iqbal

    Brother can you plz send me the file because of the reason above link is not working. here is my email:
    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Rahmat Zafar

    Link is not working for NDCN W54 if any body already installed this kindly email me at