A McLaren F1 inspired Nissan Patrol

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McLaren F1 is known to be one of the greatest hypercars to be ever built with a unique sitting arrangement of driving seat in the middle and two passengers on the sides but it was also the world’s fastest car for a long while.

It has inspired a lot of people to build supercars, sports cars, exotic cars, hypercars and a Nissan Patrol as well as we’ve come to know.

Nissan Patrol however isn’t known for anything that the McLaren F1 was known for, it was known for its go-anywhere attitude and built but what if you wanted to drive it by sitting in the middle? What if you were bored of driving as everyone slept on the backseats while you drive? What if you wanted to sit in the middle of the back seat to drive you car? There hasn’t been a Patrol for you ever until, King of Customs Dubai sought to build a Patrol just for your uncontrollable desires.

The steering is removed from the front and mounted in the middle just behind the center console and under which, we find two pedals for brake and accelerator.


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  1. Fayaz Mahmood says

    Ugly, impractical. why shift driver to back seat? why?

  2. Qasir Qasim says

    driver seat must be on top roof lolz.

  3. Mir Faheem Talpur says

    in pakistan it will must go in main whole drain sys lolx.

  4. Fahad Ullah says

    yara sheikh na apnay leya banaya hay..ab oun ka saat paisay zeyda hay tu jo jee chaya

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