Car Sales Increased 36% Month-on-Month in July 2020 

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The car sales have started on a positive note in Pakistan at the start of Fiscal Year 2020-21. According to a monthly report by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), car sales showed an increase of 36% on month-on-month bases.

The primary reason behind this positive trend is the end of COVID-19 restrictions in the country, an increase in vehicle demand, and lower interest rates by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

However, the sales have contracted by 8% on Year-on-Year bases, which is still positive news comparing to a 53% plunge last month.

Passenger Car Sales: Month-on-Month: 

All big-three car manufacturers in Pakistan have shown an increase in sales on month-on-month bases.  According to data, Honda Atlas sold 2,210 in July 2020, compared to 1,839 units in June 2020. The company has shown a jump of 20.17%.

Meanwhile, Toyota Indus has shown the most significant jump of 69.28%, as the company sold 3,411 units last month, compared to 2,015 vehicles in June 2020. Furthermore, Pak Suzuki sold 4,502 cars in July 2020, against 3,471 units in June 2020.

Furthermore, the reports said the KIA motors, which is not a member of PAMA yet, has shown a promising performance. The company reportedly sold 1,500 units during month of July 2020.

Passenger Car Sales: Year-on-Year: 

As mentioned earlier, passenger car sales show a reduction of 8% yearly bases. The manufacturers sold 10,123 units in July 2020, comparing to 10,968 vehicles in the same month last year.

All major manufacturers and assemblers have shown individual performances in this year-to-year comparison.

According to the date, Toyota Indus Motors has shown the biggest jump in sales on yearly bases recording 68% jump, as it sold 4,043 units in July 2020, as it managed to sell 2,413 units in July 2019. Meanwhile, Honda Atlas saw a growth of 46% in sales as they sold 1,694 cars in July 2019, comparing to there sale of 2,467 vehicles in July 2020.

On the other hand, Pak Suzuki Motors have reported a fall of 40% in sales, as the company sold only 4,991 cars last month, comparing to 8,375 units in the same month in 2019.

1300cc Cars: 

In July 2020, the sales of 1300cc and above vehicles saw a jump of 60% to 5,803 cars compared to 3,607 units sold during the same month of last year. The high sales of Toyota Yaris are the primary reason behind this jump, as 1,883 units of Yaris were sold during this time.

On the other hand, the Toyota Corolla sales saw a decrease of 23% to 1,528 cars last month, against 1,981 units sold in July 2019. Meanwhile, the sales of Honda Civic and City has seen an increase of 52% to 2,210 cars, from 1,452 units during July 2019.

Meanwhile, the sales of Suzuki Swift also saw a jump to 182 units from 172 cars solder last year in July 2019.

1000cc/800cc Car Sales: 

During July 2020, Suzuki Cultus and WagonR have seen a 20% sales drop. The company sold 1,643 cars against 2,051 vehicles in the same month the previous year.

The sales of 800cc engine cars also saw a decline of 50 percent on yearly bases. According to the report, 2,677 units were sold in July 2020, against 5,130 vehicles during the corresponding period last year. Even Pak Suzuki’s Alto saw a decline of 53% in sales as the company sold only 2,158 cars, comparing to 4,584 units in July 2019.

Buses and Trucks Sales: 

The buses and trucks also saw a decline of 51% in sales as 255 units were sold last month, comparing to 525 during the same period last year.

Jeeps and Tractors: 

Meanwhile, jeeps sales have seen a jump of 28%, as sales went from 316 units in July 2019 to 403 vehicles last month.

The sales of tractors have also increased by 17% as 3,606 units were sold last month, compared to 3,089 in July 2019.

Motorbikes and Rickshaw Sales: 

The sales of 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler have also seen a jump of 31%, as 148,524 units were sold in July 2020, comparing to 113,096 units sold in the corresponding month last year.

Here is a table of sales comparison:


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