Find Out Few Tips If You Are Planning To Park Your Car For Few Months

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Although many of us do not face this issue of storing your vehicle, but for those who either mostly live abroad and keep a car here, or those who have an extra car but that is not in use, they need to be careful when leaving their car unattended. Your cars are meant to be driven and not stored in garages, under plastic covers, but if there is a chance you won’t be driving your vehicle for few months, there are few things that you must keep in mind before doing so.

You can follow the steps down below to prevent any unnecessary inconvenience when you decide to start your car again.

First thing that you must not do is park your car outside. That is the worst thing you can do to it. Even if you think you are covering it with a plastic cover, that is not going to protect your car’s exterior or interior. Considering how hot summers can get in Pakistan, you will not only damage your car’s paint, but will also turn the cabin of your car into an oven. And if its not scorching hot, the damp will start to eat out parts of your car.

Keep it covered, outside or inside does not matter. Get a good quality car cover that won’t melt and infuse with the car’s paint under the firing sun.

Make sure all the liquids and oils of the cars are fresh and up to the right quantity. Do not let old used motor oil sit in the car engine block for a prolonged period of time. Change oil filter with oil change. Fill the car fuel tank, if you can. This will prevent the tank to catch rust. Also there are chemicals called fuel stabilizers that prevent petrol in your fuel tank to evaporate or turn into a gel. Make sure your car has anti-freeze in its cooling system, and in correct concentration. It will prevent the metal parts to corrode and rust up.

If you think your car will be on its tires for many months, jack the car up and place it on stands. Because if the air escaped the tires, they will develop flat spots due the weight of the car with the passage of the time. Also leave the handbrake off. Wedge something underneath your tire to stop it from rolling away, if you are not putting it on stands.

Remove the battery leads if you won’t be starting it anytime soon.

If you are planning to store the car for lets say 5 or more months, get is serviced thoroughly first. And if possible, get it polished as well. Make sure you have removed all the gunk and mud from under carriage of the car. Do not get it sprayed with used oil or diesel, which is a common practice here. It’s a bad habit and damages your car more than you think.

These are few of the tips that can help you get back to your car with relative ease, when you decide to start using it again.

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  1. Abdullah says

    Well I usually give my car keys to my neighbor to start it once a week and move it around for 20 mins a week…..very kind of him……in my opinion that also helps keeping the engine oils in circulation………!!!!!! Aref bhai is that of any use?????? I wax my car ….wash it’s undercarriage…change oils and filters and park it in a shade with cover……

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