Here’s How To Remove Stuck Car Key From The Ignition

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You car keys are stuck in the ignition when you are in a hurry? I realize how much of a stress it could be, as you can not leave your car keys in the ignition which is a great risk of getting your vehicle stolen. If something like this happens, there is not need to panic. Here are some things you can do to pull out the stuck car key from your car’s ignition:

A lot of people make the mistake of putting the key too far in the “off position”, which makes it impossible to take out the key from the ignition. You must ensure that the key is exactly at the “off position”; don’t press it hard, don’t turn it more than ncessary. Always remember that if you can play the radio button, it could be in the “Acc”  position which doesn’t allow you to pull the keys out. If you own an automatic car, you should make sure you are in the position of “Park”.

If the key is in the correct position and the gear is in parking mode, in this case,  you must turn the steering wheel left and right slowly while gently trying to pull out the key. In this process, you must ensure that you are not using too much force to avoid any damage to the steering or ignition assembly.

Lifting the car on jack also gives more space for the steering wheel column to move freely. The purpose of this is to release the weight of the vehicle from the front wheels. While, the car is still jacked you must move the wheel and try to remove the key, but once again be smooth and gentle.

Another idea to get your stuck keys out of the ignition is to use ice. You must fill in a sandwich zipper bag halfway with ice. If cubes are too big, you must crush them down to a considerably small size. Wrap the bag around the head of the key and wait about 15 minutes. The contraction effect would let the key move from it’s original place. After that, you should try to move and pull the key gently.

If you have tried all options and the key is still stuck, it’s better to get the help of a professional, instead of making things worse by fiddling with it. Locksmiths are found almost everywhere. For a quick and neat job, you should find a locksmith with the knowledge of your car.

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