Karachi Traffic Police Gets New Uniforms

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Recently we spotted a new change in the traffic police in Karachi; if you are passing from Teen Talwar you may see the traffic officers all dressed in new grey uniforms with a nice bright smile.

The Karachi Traffic Police department decided to change the uniform color of the traffic controllers to give them a fresh look, for a good start. The Chief AIG of Karachi Police Ghulam Qadir Thebo said: “The previous white uniforms has just turned in a mark of corruption”. The good part is that the department of traffic police is also creating positive efforts in arranging various trainings for the traffic police officers, so that they focus on talking politely and in a positive manner to the citizens.

Thebo mentioned that the proposal for changing the uniforms of the traffic police was given nearly a year ago,  he added that according to that design, the shirts were supposed to be white while the pants of traffic police officers were supposed to be grey. Nonetheless, after a year they concluded with the new uniforms for the traffic control officers which were completely grey.

The Chief AIG also said that at first the uniforms will be only worn by the traffic police officers who will be positioned on the road which goes from Teen Talwar to Fawara Chowk, as well as Shara-e-Faisal. After this first 10 day deployment, the traffic control officers will take the opinion from people and then the remaining program will be extended in the entire city.

The changes so far look good; Grey is a color which is well balanced and sophisticated. Thebo also plans to give a new makeover to the police structure. He said: “With the new color we pledge to say no to bribery and reduce corruption”.  He also said that they are putting in their best efforts to ensure that the traffic regulation officers behave properly with the citizens. The head officials will monitor the activities of the traffic regulation officers. Furthermore, he said that they have planned to add fresh and young blood in the forces with beneficial incentives.

The pure white uniforms were a hassle to keep clean for the police officers. No matter how hard they try, they never succeed in keeping their clothes clean by the end of the day due to pollution and dust in Karachi.

The traffic police officers are happy with the new uniforms, though they expect other better changes like the traffic police medical facilities to get better. Many other traffic constables had similar views such as the government should have first thought of increasing their salaries rather than giving them new uniforms.

The DIG of Traffic Police Amir Sheikh said that they are offering new and better incentives along with the new uniforms. He said that every challan a traffic constable will record; 15% of the amount of the fine will be added in his salary. He also said that this proposition has been added to the list of approvals forwarded to the chief minister.

via Express Tribune

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