How to connect Bluetooth in Toyota Corolla GLi 

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Many of the Toyota Corolla consumers have faced the issue of connecting Bluetooth in their GLi. We also met this issue, and upon research, we found that others have too faced a similar problem. Henceforth, we are giving a short but detailed process of connecting your mobile with Corolla GLi through Bluetooth.


In other cars, you can connect the Bluetooth very easily by switching it on both devices, but in GLi, it is a bit long process. We will tell you the process in steps:

  • Press the ‘Source’ button on the infotainment system of GLI and go to ‘BT Audio.’
  • Then Long-press the ‘DISP’ button on the system and it will give the ‘Add Device’ option
  • Then press the ‘Play’ button, and it will give the option of Pairing
  • Switch Bluetooth of your phone on and connect it with your car

Through these steps, you can resolve the issue and can enjoy music and call others.

What to Do If GLi Bluetooth still not Gets Connected? 

In some cases, your Bluetooth would not connect in GLi, even after following steps mentioned above. The possible reason behind this error is that this car can pair with a maximum of five devices at-a-time and its capacity is full. So, you have to delete the old Bluetooth connected devices from the vehicle to add a new one.

Follow these steps to delete the old paired devices:

  • Press ‘DISP’ button and go to ‘BT TEL’ option
  • Now press the ‘Forward’ button and go to ‘Delete Device’ Option
  • To delete the device, press the ‘Play’ button to confirm
  • It will give you the option of deleting all or one by one
  • You can delete one by one by press ‘Forward’ and ‘Rewind’ button

We hope that this guide will help you in connecting your Bluetooth devices in Toyota Corolla GLi.

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