This Is How We Can Keep Our Car’s Axle In Best Condition!

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We know our ecoboxes gives us so many axle related problems and it is a common sight that we see people standing on the side or the middle of the road where the axles have completely broken off the wheels but you can avoid that situation by simply being aware of the preventive maintenance of CV joints.

Constant Velocity joints or CV joints attached to the axle of our cars are something people pay least attention to. It’s not that they do not require attention. It is just that they need to be checked with certain intervals of time. It is a good practice to check the condition of the boot of a CV joint every time your car goes for an engine tune-up. If the part is damaged, it starts to make a sudden sound of clunking and sputtering.

CV Axle & CV Boot Repaircv-joints-large

A failed CV joint means you are at a complete stand still. Your engine starts, your gear engages but your car doesn’t move an inch. If you are lucky enough, your car will break down during day time and within the city so you can call your mechanic at the spot. Worst case scenario is that your CV joint fails on a highway or at night where it is almost impossible to replace the joint. To prevent this from happening, you just needcvboot_torn to take care of your CV joint’s boot condition: should be not be torn and/or leaking. Look at the outskirts of the boot and check if there is any leakage or traces of oil.

A CV joint fails when it has no grease to lubricate it while dust and water damages the joint that is continuously in motion. There are various reasons for a damaged rubber boot. Most of them are mechanical. Using low quality CV joint grease causes pressure build up inside the boot which blows it up. And also, overheating of the boot melts it down which is also related to low quality grease. Small rocks or sharp things may cut or rupture the boot as well. Therefore, it is advised to use a good quality CV joint grease ONLY.

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cvjointdiagram43c46e9748b14798839af6759d2c3be0If your car is out of alignment, that will also affect the life of your car’s CV joint. The joint is stationary when your car’s wheels are straight. The thing just rotates and nothing else. As soon as the angle is changed, the joint starts to move and that too, under high load. So if you live in a city with bad road conditions, brace yourself every time you are about to hit a pothole. Potholes tend to decrease the life of a CV joint and sometimes damage it badly.cv_axle

Not paying attention to a broken boot or a clunking CV joint can bring bad news to you. Not getting it repaired may damage your transmission and your repair cost might go from about 1500 to 15000. Just saying.

So that is how vital a CV joint is. It is the only thing rotating your wheels when power comes from the transmission. Take care of your car and it shall take care of you.


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  1. Guest says

    It is true that CV joints practically never go bad unless the grease leaks out because of torn boots.
    But good quality and long-life replacements boots are found nowhere, unless you buy them abroad and ship them here, paying a lot of custom duty in the process, and suffering your suitcase smelling like a workshop. The market is full of cheap knock-offs and even if you buy brand name spare parts for good money, chances are they would be fake.

    Unless you can recommend a place where good quality spare parts and lubes can be conveniently bought, why would you write such articles?

  2. Haroon Iftikhar says

    Sorry about that sir but the writer or the blog shall not name or advertise any particular shop but yes good quality boots and lubricants are available and can be bought if you care to search about it on pakistani car related forums and look for good auto part dealer in your city.

  3. Muhammad Osama Arshad says

    buy alto and get your life busy in thoughts for when to fix it and how short it will run fine….

  4. Adil Rizvi says

    Can anyone tell me what is the average life of a CV joint? I replaced them more than a year ago and for a month now whenever i drive on a bumpy road i hear sound of clunking beneath the engine. Is that the boot? Should i get a check up ASAP? Enlighten me plz.

  5. Salar Khan Tanoli says

    Can u please name any good quality grease???

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