2016 Honda Civic Will Come In Four Body Styles

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The brand new tenth generation 2016 Honda Civic is all set to be unveiled on September the 16th and over here at PakWheels, we’ve kept you updated on all the news and rumors surrounding the new Civic. The 2016 Honda Civic will be released in three different variants the ordinary 5 door saloon, a five door hatchback, a coupe and a five door notchback model as well.


Honda gave us an early preview of what the new Civic would look at the 2015 New York Auto Show and it seems that around 90% of amazing curves and angular designs of the concept car is going to make it to the production Honda Civic. Honda is taking a bold approach this time around with the Civic’s design. The front-end will feature a a much sleeker LED headlight design with chrome fixtures above it, slightly more wider and angular front air intakes compared to the last generation Honda Civic and a generally more aerodynamic shape of the whole body.

Under the hood a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 148 HP and 203 N.M of torque, that will come as standard along with the option to have a 2.0-liter non turbo four-cylinder engine though don’t expect that variant to arrive in Pakistan. These are the features you will find in each and every single variant of the up and coming Civic however, each of the variants will differ slightly between each other primarily in design.


The 2016 Civic sedan will feature a different taillight design to that of the coupe and hatchback with aggressively styled C shaped rear taillights, A different rear bumper design and a partially less slanted roof line due to it being a five door. The sedan will obviously will come with more space inside for passengers and a bigger boot also.

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray 2

2016 Honda Civic Charcoal Gray 6


The Civic Coupe will sport curvier front fenders and a very steep roof line ending in a notchback trunk. The Coupe will feature beveled arc LED taillights that will run the width of the car to give it a much more aggressive and sportier look. A different rear bumper design that will allow more air to flow underneath the car.


Recently, shots have been captured of the sportier Honda Civic out and about for testing. From the limited number of spy shots; it is easily the best looking body in all four style, whether its the Type-R or the Si remains to be seen but regardless, it looks fantastic.

Notchback will come with the same beveled arc taillights as those found on the coupe running across the small rear windscreen of the car. Three exhaust pipes positioned at the center of the rear bumper along with a front end of the car is noticeably lower to the ground than the sedan or coupe. Low profile tires with what appears to be 19 inch wheels add a sporty flair to the car.




Very little rumors have been circulating regarding the Hatchback variant of the Honda Civic that is destined for the European market. Renders released online show that the hatchback will feature a different S shaped taillight design and much more flat roof line in order to accommodate the hatch and a slightly different rear bumper.

Very little is known up to this point but we’re sure Honda will pit a Civic hatchback for the Europeans.



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  1. wasted youth says

    It’s not a new thing, every model of Honda Civic has same four body shapes but thanks to our corrupt bastard policy makers, we can’t get them in Pakistan.

  2. Danish says

    Sad, but if they bring the civc hatchback in pakistan for the same price as the vits then its going to kill the vits, passo and corolla xli.

  3. Rye says

    Looking forward to the Coupe! Though i’ll admit the Sedan does add a more professional look.

  4. Ameer Rahman says

    love the hatchback and the wagon..hope we get it this time. never coming but lets hope

  5. Omar Daraz says

    Now Honda is really ahead of Toyota. if we take the prius out of the equation.

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