Why tyre is always black? All you need to know

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Just as the engine is the backbone of a vehicle, the tire is also an essential part of it. Tires are the first exterior of a vehicle to not only get the beating of the road but also face extreme wear and tear, therefore tires are needed to maintain properly. Here at Pakwheels, we have tried to provide you with information regarding various factors of tires but have you ever wondered about the color of tires? That why is it black always instead of white, blue, pink or any other color? If we dig deep, we get to know that either it’s a general tire, expensive tires or any other tires, they all are black. Therefore, I’ve always wondered about why the color of tires is just black only, this curiosity led me to research about it and so today in this article I am going to share with you the reason or mystery about why tires are always pitch black.

In our previous articles, we have mentioned about the history of tires, their first debut in the world, how wood was used to made tires and how those tires were used to pull the carts and other stuff. However, after this primitive method of tire making, Dunlop was the first person or you can say pioneer in materializing the idea of a rubber tire. At first, white was the actual color of the tire just as the original milky white color. However, the color of the tire changed to pitch black when the soot was added to it which changed the color of the tire.

Soot was produced from the incomplete of coal and other fuels using the fine black particles. The soot was considered to make the tire resistant to heat and durable. But, in current time the case with the black color of the tire is different. Today, the tire is black due to the addition of a chemical compound carbon black in the tire. Carbon black is mixed with the other polymers to make the tread compound of the tire. When it is added to the rubber of tire it increases the durability and life expectancy of a tire. Using this technique, tire not only reduces the heat pressure on the car but it can also protect it from the dangerous UV rays because both of these factors contribute to extreme wear and tear of a tire.

There are people who are using tires of different colors manufactured by some of the companies, however, these tires cannot be used in daily life because they are not considered durable and long lasting.

That’s all from our side regarding the color of the tire. I hope this gist is able to satiate your curiosity. So do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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