2014 Corolla has a red hot teaser for Canada

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Toyota Corolla has been the best selling car in the world for quite a long time until Prius took over. It is regarded as the most boring car anyone could ever buy, there’s no fun, its just a sedan that works as a reliable vehicle to take you from point a to point b. Initially, it was also an affordable sedan for the masses but today, only a handful can afford in Pakistan and with the imported cars coming in, many many buyers have switched over for better, and well equipped imported cars.

Nonetheless, only 24 hours remain between the release of the new 2014 Toyota Corolla. The head of Toyota Motor Corporation has said earlier that Toyota will introduce the fun factor back into its cars which they had earlier lost as the 1980s ended. The design will be an emotional one as well.

However, as we’ve time and again said that marketers at the automotive companies deliberately leak teasers of the cars about to be released to create hype, Toyota wasn’t behind, 2014 Corolla has been leaked in full earlier this year but today, just 24 hours before the reveal, Toyota Canada releases teaser images of the next Corolla.

new-2014-toyota-corolla-teased-in-red-photos-from-toyota-canada-medium_1 new-2014-toyota-corolla-teased-in-red-photos-from-toyota-canada-medium_2

The new Corolla will be offered with a new version of the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, mated to either a six-speed or a CVT gearbox replacing the old 4-speed.

We had posted the full leaked images of the 2014 Corolla earlier, and comparing the leaked images and the teaser images above, we’re now 100% sure that the leaked full images weren’t entirely wrong.

2014-Toyota-Corolla 2014-Toyota-Corolla-2

Indus Motors had invested heavily in their plant in preparations for the new Corolla which will be, as they announced be introduced in Pakistan soon after the international launch.

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  1. Agha Mohsin says

    both designs are different if you will see fog lamps cover , design and shape is different same is the case with rear lights so I am sure corolla will design the car which will again inspire the rural area residents….o v chitti rolla….LMAO.

  2. Rehan Mushtaq says


  3. Malik Rizwan says

    nice look

  4. Ziyad Rasheed says


  5. Jahanzeb Baloch says

    Although Indus Motor invest huge amount to change it but still new model will haven't ROAD GRIP and BEST BREAKS like Honda brands.

  6. Nouman Tuheed Khan says

    somethng better to other perivious.

  7. Fakhruddin Razi says

    It's back lights are copy of Nissan Altima and Honda accord 2013

  8. Furqan Rauf says

    ^ I am sorry but corolla is not known for cornering nor for the grip, and honda does not have anything close to brembos nor they ship with prellis so they are not expected to have road grip and brakes, if you want good grip get a mid engine car with brembos,

  9. Zaryab Khan says

    Better than civic 2013 if interior is upgraded

  10. Syed Ahsan Tanvir says

    cuz the red one is corolla s which has always been launched in the US and canada like the xrs corolla, while all we will get back in pak is the one below, the lower spec model which has non-sexy trims and underpowered as always! 😛
    God bless Pakistan

  11. Yasir Mansoor says


    The Fog Lights are same as the hatchback corolla launched in Australia, so probably the front headlights and Grille would be the same aswel..

    Even the Rear has minor difference if you compare it to the hatchback version, which ofcourse can't anyhow remain the same~ The white corolla you've displayed is the Concept Car & LOL!

    If they made Corolla similar to the concept version, who will buy CAMRY then!

    Toyota Corolla is an economical car meant to be driven as a Donk-Kart or a TAXI!

  12. Ejazz Sabir says

    It is one of shit toyota brand standard of quality is very poor even here in gcc standard r not good pak people only looking for brand

  13. Agha Mohsin says

    bro i agreed people here are always ready to pay huge amount for brands, they don't bother to view and check the specs but htey only want to sit in the car ,waering chitti shalwar kameez having sun glasses all door glasses opened and not willing to switch on the ac ….hahahahah

  14. Usman Raza says


  15. Faisal Zahid Sheikh says

    This is the version that will be launched in Pakistan by March 2014.

  16. Muhammad Saad says
  17. Muhammad Saad says
  18. Fahim Khan says

    honda copied in both…. lOlxxx…

  19. Zeeshan Aftab says

    not bad..

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