Batman car seats for your baby is sort of weird

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If you think your baby doesn’t enjoy their commute in your car’s ordinary seats, KidsEmbrace has a unique solution to that problem. The company makes specialty car seats fashioned after the superhero Batman and NASCAR racing car driver Dale Earnhardt Junior.

We don’t fully realize how much the children (/babies) love Batman and NASCAR, but we do know that marketing departments won’t leave no stone unturned to cash in the massive marketing potential behind Batman and NASCAR.

The Batman seat features a cape and arm rests styled after the Dark Knight’s own arms, complete with hands for cup holders. The Earnhardt Jr. example looks less like the racer himself and more like a generic helmet-clad hot shoe.

It does look a bit creepy but if you aren’t sure about it, than you can head over to the KidsEmbrace site for a closer look. The seats are priced for just around $ 149. Just don’t be surprised if your kid isn’t that excited about climbing into a legless crime fighter’s lap for a trip to the grocery store.


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  1. Ali Salman says

    batman ki goud mai kyu bitha rahe ho bachay ko 😛 mujhe master sahab audio recording yaad aa gai is se 😀

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