Honda Atlas updates its website for 2013 Accord as coming soon

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The new 2013 Honda Accord is so good that it has destroyed the Camry by taking away alot of its sales. It has become the sales leader. The Camry and Accord are both very boring cars however, Accord is a slightly less boring car and in case of Pakistan, both cost a massive amount of money which renders them pointless as they are not destined to be what they are here.

Nonetheless ladies and gentlemen, as we were browsing the website of Honda Atlas today, we inadvertently clicked on Accord to view its price today and measure how much it has increased and whether or not, it has crossed the crore rupees mark but to our surprise, Atlas Honda has a banner with poor pixels (apparently they were short of good quality of photos of the car they produce) saying that the 2013 Honda Accord is coming soon.

The picture on the website is of the very model that was revealed to the world in mid-2012 and if we’re to believe what we’re seeing, the new 2013 Accord is just around the corner for us.

But at what price?! We’re guessing that it will become the world’s most overpriced car when it comes.

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  1. Syed Hasan Ali says

    Useless to buy at such a high price of over PKR7.0million.

  2. Jahangir Afzal says

    you can find more cars for Honda on

  3. Mohammed Haris Palijo says

    rs honda accord.

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