Breaking: CNG price proposed to be raised by 28 rupees

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Supreme Court took a major step by ordering to lower the prices as there is no connection between petrol and CNG prices and the regulatory bodies were therefore, forced to reduce the prices however, the case was ongoing and the audit company that was looking into the price mechanism of setting CNG rates has announced that compression and operational expenses validate the previous prices which were cut on the order of Supreme Court.

Moreover, they proposed increasing the price of CNG per kg by 28 rupees in light of the findings of the audit company.

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  1. Ali Noor says

    fity moo

  2. Mh Ali says

    Kulla khao, tay nanga hi naho. lanat

  3. Fahad Aziz says

    bunch of crap. this is such a lotera country. May be the audit company should audit the common people of Pakistan.

  4. Muhammad Khawaja Abdullah says

    No Prob 🙂
    No CNG Installed in Ma Car..:P

  5. Awais Ilyas says

    lakh di……………..

  6. Jahanzeb Khan says

    Sab Game hai!

  7. Henna Hameed Khan says

    i guess u dun even have a car kid

  8. Iftikhar Tirmizi says

    If gas prices set back to the old level… One thing for sure… Supreme court to us ke paisay pohanch geye hain… And Supreme court will keep quite on issue… As we have seen in SUGAR case in near past.

  9. Osama Nawaz says

    Sir I've been in this industry for a long long time and trust me charges for compression and operational charges are completely fair. The CNG industry is paying around 50% of all the tax levied on gas in Pakistan where as it itself consumes only 9 % of gas produced in Pakistan. Fertilizer industry consumes 21% of gas but pays 1/6th of the cost which CNG station owners pay and other industries consume 45% where as pay at 1/2 the rate. If the taxes on gas are charged according to consumption of gas by an industry then gas would be cheapest for CNG industry , after that fertilizer industry and then for other industries. This would resolve the common man's complaint of high gas charges for CNG but our government is either incompitent or deliberately not looking into this issue because it takes bribe from other industries. So whoever pays the most brirbe gets the cheapest gas!

  10. Ali Salman says

    sub ganda hai par dhanda hai yes.

  11. Sheraz Khan Malik says

    Maddy Hussain ..Good one 😉

  12. Henna Hameed Khan says

    maddy mr stay mad. dun try to be cool atleast i got 14 likes 😛 *pacefalm kiddo*

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