The next model of the cross between a Rolls Royce and a Hindustan Ambassador

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Much like the Hindustan Ambassador and the Rolls Royce, the Hongqi L9 limousine also serves as the transporter for VIP, including top ranking government officials and national leaders in China so why shouldn’t it be a copy of the two most iconic government and VIP vehicles in the world; Rolls Royce and the Ambassador.

While the Ambassador is a modest vehicle for the political leaders as it isn’t gaudy and is just a simple car with four doors, seats, steering wheel, an engine and four wheels while the Rolls Royce packs, apart from these basics a whole lot of other things bunched in a package that screams, money and power so the Hongqi L9 limousine is a cross between these three; modesty, money and power.

And power perhaps was a bit low on the previous Hongqi, this is a spy shot of the next Hongqi L9 limousine which will be packing 400hp and 550nm thanks to its 6 liter V12 engine which drinks up 20 liters per 100 kilometer and it makes sense, the car weighs 3.15 tons which roughly means that it is built with iron that’s used to build tanks.

Chinese media is saying that the car will cost approximately 816,000 USD.

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  1. Shahab Nasir says

    816000 USD for a honki??? u kidding? i am sure it was meant to be one zero less. for 8 lac dollars u can actually buy a rolls royce phantom and still save up money for a ferrari 458 italia

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