Here’s How You Should Prepare Your Car For A Roadtrip

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People who want to go on long road trips are often hesitant in taking their own cars especially with their family. For them, their car is a liability and they expect it to create problems at least once on that long journey. Well, the chances of your car breaking down are less if you do the following things before leaving on a road trip.

1) Check all fluid levels in your car

Checking your engine oil, your coolant condition, brake oil and your transmission oil is where you should pay most attention to. Any leaks and sealants should be checked and respected fluids should be topped up or changed. Engine failure problems are difficult to deal with on a long journey so this minimizes your risk. Keeping spare engine oil and water bottles will be a good measure just in case things go wrong, especially for old or abused engines.

2) Replacing rubber parts

Rubber parts such as radiator hose pipes and belts should be replaced and the replaced parts to be carried in spare along the journey. Rubber parts are most likely to fail under high heat and pressure. Also steering box and axle boots should be replaced. Ruptured boots let dust and water enter the lubricated parts damaging them and making them weak.

3) Tyre check and wheel alignment/balancing

Check your tyre tread with the help of a coin. Replace them if the tread is too low. Also get your wheel alignment and balancing before leaving. If the wheel alignment is out, your tire will just drag itself when you’re driving straight and that too at high speeds. This will damage the tyres pretty badly. If the wheels are not perfectly balanced, your car tyres will vibrate which will be a torture for you, your tyres and your suspension.

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4) Check your car brakes

Brakes are used a lot on highways of Pakistan. These should not be compromised. Get your car’s brake pads replaced and ensure that the system is working perfectly fine. If the brake pedal goes too low, there is probably air in the system. Get the system bled and if the problem persists, get the brake booster checked by a professional.

5) Keep a small toolkit

A small toolkit is always useful when traveling. A basic one should have an adjustable wrench/spanner, a combination pliers, a nose pliers, a long wire, a torch light, a set of small screw drivers. You also need a pair of jumper cables and a car air compressor to inflate tubeless tyres in case of a puncture. A tow chain or a tow belt is necessary on a long tour.



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  1. Grewal says

    Nice Information, I will add to Keep First Aid box in vehicle.

  2. Waqar Shaikh says

    Thanks for sharing, I often travel on long routes and there is always a constant fear bothering me no matter how fine my ride has been performing. This will surely help.

  3. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Good tips. As my car is getting old I always check the engine oil level, coolant level, brake and clutch fluid level levels, battery electrolyte level

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