Hi-Speed Launching a new 150CC Motorcycle in Pakistan

hi-speed 150cc motorcycle

Recently, there is a new wave of motorcycle companies launching new bikes in Pakistan. And no doubt the decision has been welcomed by the Pakistani motorcycle consumers. Honda launched its new 150cc motorcycle only recently. Then there are other models such as  Super Power Archi 150, Road Prince Wego 150, and a couple more including Honda CBR 150 that costs eye-watering PKR660,000.

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Hi-Speed Infinity 150CC Motorcycle

And now, it looks like there is a new player in town. Hi-Speed is one of many bike makers in Pakistan. And now it is about to become one of those exclusive companies that offer more than your regular 70cc and 125cc Chinese replica bike. Hi-Speed is about to launch a new 150cc motorcycle in Pakistan. And what is interesting about this 150cc bike, is that it is what is called a cafe racer. Mostly in 150cc bikes category, you will find street bikes like either Wego 150 or regular Suzuki 150cc bike. Cafe racer bikes vary in shape, style and riding position compared to other street bikes.


Specs of Infinity 150CC Motorcycle

The bike in question here is an actually a Chinese bike already being sold under the name Zongshen Infinity 150. As far the specs of the bike are concerned, the new bike comes with a 149.5cc OHV dual spark air cooled engine mated to a 5-speed gearbox, and makes 11.4bhp.

There is no confirmed price figure but the price is expected to be somewhere around PKR150,000.

The gallery below is of Zongshen Infinity 125cc. The shape of the body is same, only engine is smaller.


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Notable Replies

  1. beautiful design.......

  2. jnkhan says:

    very much inspired by Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton styling. Good to see variety and styling different from racing bikes and traditional CD70, 125 styling. Wonder why there is no innovation in new design.

  3. Every sensible person is happy on a very good move of Hi speed. I m really glad. We need 200 cc and 250cc bikes as well

  4. masadi says:

    I am sure Pakistanis are sick of these third rate gimmicks by these companies. First they launch a product then they don't send it to the market, distribution stinks, on top of that they price it way over what it is worth to fleece the public, then they don't get any spare parts for them, on top of that if you call the company to get info, the marketing manager is rude and totally unhelpful and to add icing to the damn cake, the dealers inflate the price way over the already inflated company price. Total disgrace, which is why we are left with 70cc Honda junk and 125 and chondas. What a miserable tragedy.

  5. All these companies are short lived. Lets see how many of these Chinese will be around say five years from now. Customers are left on their own with no spares, you are left with good for nothing piece of metal in the end.

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