Homes and factories to get gas on priority, CNG pushed to lowest priority

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Most of the Pakwheels’ members were of the same notion, to push CNG down the priority list and sustain your industrial sector rather deprive them off gas while we run cars on it.

In a recent ECC (Economic Coordination Committee) meeting presided over by Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, demoted the CNG sector to the bottom of the priority list for the supply of gas which earlier was third on the priority list.

The power sector, industrial and fertiliser consumers and cement were upgraded one step up the list which means the CNG sector would get gas supply after fulfilling requirements of domestic, commercial, power plants, industrial, captive power, fertiliser and cement in that order.

It was decided that the first priority order will be given to domestic and commercial sectors. The power and general industries sectors will be second and third on the priority list respectively, followed by cement and CNG.

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  1. Tanya Kamal says

    I wasn't able to complete my projects and assignments on time due to the frequent interruption and disruption in the Internet and telecom services here in DHA. Internets used to be down for hours and hours and all telecom companies have a poor service here. Thank to PTCL for starting off an exclusive service for the Residents of DHA which will help the Students & professionals to complete the tasks on time without any interruptions.

  2. Talha Malik says

    Pig named Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez trying to act as if he does not know that with CNG shutdown, we have no improvement in the pressure at homes. I am willing to salute his offered priority if I see that in compromise for one will benefit us elsewhere. Fuck, we have double faced everywhere. I offer a better solution, cut down few jobs from finance ministry, northern gas pipeline. End to this stipend will be a better relief for everyone.

  3. Baber Suleman says

    do WE know that we have single pipeline network available & pressures have been intentially lowed? CNG was close then were the gas has gone? why we heard in news & from courts about illegal gas supply network in Major cities like Lahore and all other cities also have this mafia? who lead these mafias? Politicians and big industrialists are often accused of theft? HAVE THEY BEEN ACCOUNTABLE EVER? Do we know that total CNG consumption is only 7.38% and the highest purchaser in all sectors? Do we don't know Bhatta mafia for gas supply in industrial cities in Pakistan & what is the rate of a week for a mill for gas supply? The true fact is this that there is no actual shortfall of gas in our country its been artificially created to just the import of LNG & LPG, do we know how much exact gas is available? how many wells are ready to deliver gas? how many wells this government has given to foreign companies for exploration? How many wells are still in hand for which buyers are been contacted from these so called GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FOR THEIR OWN CUT? PLEASE CONSIDER TRUE FACTS BEFORE COMMENTING.

  4. Sheraz Khan Malik says

    well said…100% true

  5. B Ahmed Ansari says

    Government is planning to vanish away the CNG Sector by the end of this year…

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