Limited Edition Corolla GLi – Can you make one cheaper?

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The first question when buying a car on a limited budget is that what do you really need? You ponder over the ergonomics offered by the car such as; size of the car, automatic or manual transmission and fuel mileage. Corolla is one of those cars aimed at buyers with limited budgets so it is a relevant question but ever since Toyota made us move windows up and down through moving a lever in a clockwise and an anticlockwise way even after paying 1,534,000 PKR (price of Corolla XLi at the time of writing), one wonders, is it a relevant question anymore?

Such an amount will get you seated in better places, where you will be offered ABS, and buttons for almost everything including, to move windows up and down but except a button, pushing of which will make a hand come out to scratch your back.

Toyota Indus, in all its wisdom and foresight saw it coming and therefore, brought the GLi with ABS and buttons incase you are not fond of engaging in the exercise of moving windows up and down through the aid of a lever.

However, the sudden influx of imported cars gave cautious Pakistani buyers things they’ve never seen or heard before. Rear camera suddenly became a common thing. And resale was never an issue anymore, people just bought these cars. The cautious Pakistani buyer entangled in the fear of resale was was slowly disappearing.

A friend who owns a 2007 Honda City recently drove his colleague’s 2010 Toyota Vitz and went all crazy afterwards. Upon our inquiry what’s driving you so mad to which he exclaimed, ‘BUTTONS!’. The car was a nerdfest as everything was automated and all you had to do is just push it to make it happen.

So then, today we stumbled upon this Limited Edition Toyota Corolla GLi and immediately indulged ourselves in the research of what’s so special about it and can it really cost an additional 45,000 PKR?!

Limited Edition GLi

The GLi was originally coined to be a automated variant in contrast to the all-manual XLi but then GLi was only limited to power steering and windows and ABS brakes so there must be a few more buttons introduced to the Limited Edition GLi to battle the nerdfest offered in the imported Toyotas and Hondas as we thought but we were wrong.

There are no additional buttons, there’s barely noticeable additions to the passing eye. The most noticeable feature will perhaps be the badge of ‘Limited Edition’ which we guess it shall wear. Other then that, it has;

1) Hi-grade clothe used for seats;

2) three pieces of wood panels for the dashboard;

3) a Chinese (probably) NAV system;

4) and matched color door handles.

The normal GLi is for 1,669,000 PKR and the special edition is for 1,714,000 as mentioned on Indus Motors’ website, so you’re paying an additional sum of 45,000 PKR for the four add-ons?

The question now is, can you have all those four add-ons for less than 45,000 PKR? Let us know in the comments to help buyers make their decision.

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  1. Jahanzeb Khan says

    In pakistan we say laini tau hai baad mai cheezain lagwa loon ga but jo comply fitted hai woh compny fitted hai. I was gona buy limited but its not even tagged Limited edition.. simply written GLI.

  2. Meerza R Khan says


  3. Nasir Khurshid Ahmed says

    Toyota For Life!
    I aggree imported cars give much more better options ( Buttons)… but still local is local, Corolla's suspension, comfort, maintenance and resale is at it's best as far as Pakistani market is concerned.

  4. Junaid Salman says

    lolzz indus motors co. I think status conscious were buy this so called " limited edition" gli and then say manay tou nai gli nikalwai ha special edition wali :p for show sha only.

  5. Waqas Asad says

    I don't think that there is something special in these local cars. importd cars are awesome to drive, comfortible, spacious and above all safe to drive. in this money you can buy an imported hybrid car with lot many options.

  6. Syed Ali Raza says

    Famous proverb! The more you know the less you need to show..

    I think you r a big fan of Jeremy Clarkson lots of word as it is copy from top gear. Atleast you people have your words to describe your opinion.
    and very poor analytical approach as well.

  7. Farhan Hafiz says

    Just compare a Brand New Toyota Corolla 2013 Price wise in USA. Take for example the one in the above write-up. For the Price of 1,714,000 i.e almost US$ 17,000 you will get the following specs.

    1. Smart Stop Technology (SST) Emergency Reduced Engine Power.

    2. Extended Service Interval For Distributorless Ignition.

    3. Free Scheduled Maintenance for 24 Months or 25000 Miles.

    4. ULEV II Emissions.

    5. 1.8-Liter, I4, 16-Valve, DOHC, SEFI Engine; Front/Transverse Mounted With Horsepower of.

    [email protected], Torque Of [email protected], Alloy Block and Alloy Cylinder Head.

    6. Tire Pressure Monitor.

    7. Trunk Anti-Trap Device.

    8. Driver Airbag

    9. Passenger Airbag
    10. Front and Rear Side Head Curtain Airbags.
    11. Front Dual Reclining Bucket Seats, Driver Side Manually Adjusts 6 Ways Total, Passenger Side.

    Manually Adjusts 4 Ways Total With Driver Adjustable Seat Height and Adjustable Headrests.
    12. Adaptive Automatic Transmission.
    13. 4-Speed Electronically Controlled Manually Interactive Automatic Transmission With Overdrive.
    14. Manually Interactive Automatic Transmission.
    15. Vehicle Anti-Theft Via Engine Immobilizer.
    16. Power Door Locks Operated Via Key and Remote With Automatic Locking.
    17. Electronic Brake Force Distribution.
    18. Traction Control
    19. 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes.
    18. Front Power 272-mm Ventilated Disc and Rear Power 229-mm Drum Brakes.
    19. Vehicle Stability Control System.
    20. Multi-Function Remote Operates Door Lock/Unlock, Panic Alarm and Trunk.

    I have tried not to mention those features which are common in Paki and US models.

    So be your own judge…. What value for money are we Pakistanis getting. Either the Japanese are looting us or the Locals are…

  8. Rashid Mahmood says

    Indus is simply ripping of Pakistani's……………………nothing else…

  9. Ali Iftikhar says

    Bana lo bawakoof awaam ko..Just another marketing trick nothing else..

  10. Mouood Fiaz says

    I hav recently bought corolla GLI 1.3 (limited edition) but hav only 3 more features which were mentioned above……no hi-grade clothe….:P……..they said that hi-grade clothe is only for GLi 1.6.

  11. Hanni Ball says

    Buy it then,,,,in my opinion they are ripping us…why cant they provide us with there 2007 tech…a question is that they dont want us to have such things they only care for there pockets….

  12. Mian Syed Salal Ilyas says

    JDM=value for money.
    JDM=powerfull usually
    JDM=better over all.

    PKDM=engine with stock steel wheels & wheelcups with no features at sky high price.

  13. Junaid Abbas says

    Corolla GLi and even Vitz are the BEST CARS as compared to what Honda city is, City? piece of crap.

  14. Junaid Abbas says

    In 1300cc Cars, Corolla is the best, Look at the shape and size of city, It is nothing near to Corolla GLi.

  15. Azeem Haider Shaikh says

    The local cars that we purchase are not worth the money.. When I bought a brand new Civic here, my brother bought an Accord in the USA for the same price wid much much more features than a local Accord…
    Actually they have made us immune to the price and we donot compare it wid the price of the same car around the world.
    The government has buried us wid high prices and taxes and we can hardly breathe. As they say"Majboori ka naam shukriya".

  16. Akhtar Mir says

    Indus, Atlas & Suzuki are ripping off Pakistanis. How come 3 cylinder, 660cc cars are beaming in cities of Pakistan. these cars are mostly 5 -6 year old but performance is better than new Suzukis & Toyotas. Prius Hybrid has captured the Corolla, Civic, City market. Comfort, driving pleasure, noise not to mention the automatic systems all over + climate controls. Indus charged Rs. 70,000 extra on euro II emissions.Ha, ha, who cares in this country where rickshas and bikes are silencer less and use polluted fuels. Streets are full with pak V grade polluted emissions. These are gimmicks are to make easy money. Nowadays every one is watching/browsing specs of Cars on internet before spending 18-24 lakhs on these junks. Local Toyotas rattle like empty tin boxes compared to Vitz or Honda Zests.These minis are more heaviest.
    It is time pak manufactures start thinking of hybrids, automatics for Ladies, push buttons instead of century old handles. They cannot survive now with paying huge sums to bosses to block imports.Instead they must pay this money to their Customers in terms of new innovations. I hope the CEO's of these Companies will look into this sincerely if have some respect and love for their country men.

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