Indian Corolla is expensive than the Pakistani made one

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Both Honda and Toyota‘s major export of parts to different parts of the world is done from Thailand and after the devastating floods had hit the country, export of parts was crippled and production of Toyota vehicles was stopped until, Toyota and Honda both asked its Indian companies to step up production of parts and deliver them around the world.

Now though, Toyota and Honda are both looking forward to making India as the major auto parts exporting hub.

“Quality and competitiveness are high in India. We are exporting as many as 56 critical engine and body components for the Brio from our facility in Tapukara, Rajasthan. Besides, some components for the Jazz and City are also being shipped from India”, said a senior executive at Honda Cars India.

“When the floods affected production in Thailand, we stepped up exports of components to our other Asian facilities from India. Revenues from component exports consequently doubled to Rs 229 crore over our initial estimates of Rs 112 crore last year. Apart from de-risking business, exports helps in countering the impact of adverse forex fluctuations”, said an executive with Honda Cars India (HCI).

Toyota has already invested a lot to expand their production of critical parts such as engines and transmission. Meanwhile in Pakistan, local auto assemblers have resorted to lame comparison to make their goodwill.

Paapam’s former chairman, Aamir A Allawala, said at a recent press conference that Pakistani cars are cheaper than most cars manufactured in India, Allawala claimed, adding 1,800cc Toyota Corolla is being sold in India for $16,334 (retail price excluding taxes) while the price of the same car in Pakistan is $13,253, lower by $3,081.

Including taxes, the retail price of Toyota Corolla in India is $26,744 while in Pakistan it is $19,781, a difference of $6,963.

Similarly, the retail price of 1,800cc Honda Civic in India he said was $19,216 (excluding all taxes) while the same car is being sold for $15,214 in Pakistan, a difference of $4,002, he said.

After including all taxes, the difference in prices of Honda Civic in Pakistan and India is $7,403. In India, Civic is being sold for $30,455 while it is available at $23,052 in Pakistan.

That’s a huge claim considering, Toyota and Honda, apart from having massive portfolios, both have launched India only cars which are built completely in India and is now, exporting those cars to as far as Brazil where it was recently launched.

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  1. Mohsin Khan says

    imilarly, the retail price of 1,800cc Honda Civic in India he said was $19,216 (excluding all taxes) while the same car is being sold for $15,214 in Pakistan, a difference of $4,002, he said. HOW COME? Which Honda Civic it is?

  2. Jamal Hassan says

    The same Toyota Corolla GLI that we buy in Pakistan is for PKR 2500000 in South Africa.

  3. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    many cars in gcc r now indian assembled , most of kia n hyundai hatchbacks n even nissan sunny…

  4. Haris Khan says

    Nobody has mentioned the comparison of dollar with Pakistani and Indian rupee.

  5. Mohsin Khan says

    Bro..Check and Compare buying power of the people in PAK and SA..:)

  6. Muhammad Hasnain Hirji says

    What a poor way to justify their wrongdoings. I bet they haven't heard of the concept of Purchasing power. They think that since they are illiterates all others would be the same.

  7. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    price according to purchasing power of country lol , if purchasing power of a country is good n product in that country will be priced higher , then why cars in a dubai are cheaper than Pakistan?

  8. Muhammad Hasnain Hirji says

    Wow isn't it a wonderful feeling pointing fingers at others without researching first. Dubai is a free port meaning it has waived off duties and taxes either completely or in some cases a small proportion of whole value resulting in lower price. This is the sole reason which is why you can find abundant demand of super cars and luxury cars in Dubai.

  9. Muhammad Hasnain Hirji says

    To make you understand the concept of purchasing power better. Let us take an example of McDonald's burger 'BigMac' which in US costs around $5 (PKR 500-480) in US whereas the same Big Mac in Pakistan costs Around $3 (PKR 290). Does this mean that the Pakistani version is cheaper? No it is not! The reason being the concept of purchasing power. A person buying Big Mac in Pakistan would buy it as a luxury food (i.e it would consume large portion of his monthly household income) on the other hand the A Big Mac consumed in US would be treated by its consumer as normal good with no snob appeal (read: higher household income monthly therefore lower portion of income consumed). Ofcourse, I don't expect you to understand all of this but you get the drift?

  10. Asdi Rana says

    admin sab yaa toyota COROLLA nai toyota etios haa our.
    toyota corolla altis pakistani ma saida costly haa jnb……………………………………………………

  11. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    haven`t seen any guy misbehaving on pakwheels like u r doing here , i only wrote my opinion , if anyone cannot bear someones opinion then he should never see the face of blog or never comment any where , ok

  12. Mohsin Khan says

    Thanks help us in understand..

  13. Muhammad Hasnain Hirji says

    If providing someone with concrete example and logical reasoning to correct his misunderstood view point is misbehaving then I think you have encapsulated the meaning of the word misbehave wrongly. The following is its correct definition:
    "to behave badly or improperly"

  14. Umaid Sheikh says


  15. Shahroz Ali says

    in india corolla altis 1.8 J is at 20,57,226 (pak Rs) and we have altis 1.6 at 1,909,000 in pakistan , but the 1600cc altis is good, altis in malaysia is at 34.24 lacs pkr. its the new model but still its not worth it in singapore its also expensive. but in uae its cheap

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