Indus Motors’ new Corolla variants

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Well it’s been couple of days since the highly anticipated new models were introduced, namely GLi and Altis. Although these variants has been in the line up of previous models of Corolla, but the newer line up of Corolla had to endure these variants in their line up.

Last time when the first 2010 Altis was introduced, the entire car seemed fine to me but there was these two letters “SR” kept constantly bugging me since I was unable to comprehend their meaning and also they seemed like Mercedes Benz uses AMG for its awesome range of vehicles. But had I known the disappointment that was awaiting me, SR meant nothing but addition of almost 100,000 PKR for a Sun roof to be installed.

And come this year another new car by Indus Motors and another new stunt to show how technologically advanced their cars when they aren’t. The engine is Dual VVT-I which is sort of like VTEC in Honda’s engine so nothing to fancy about it.  Then the Altis is equipped with a special gauge which displays how much your car is consuming fuel on various speeds. It’s called the eco-meter but I wonder why would anyone who buys this car in Pakistan worry about fuel economy?

But a similar device was installed in pre-facelift Corolla Altis which showed range of you can achieve which was calculated through the amount of fuel you had, but it didn’t work in this Altis of a PW member.

Moving further, the rest of the tech is carried over to this face lifted model of Altis from the previous one, which are; Cruisetronic technology, Rain Sensors, Retractable Mirrors along with Backlit Optitron.

The price? Better not to inquire about that because Altis manual and Altis manual with sunroof will unbelievably cost Rs1,719,000 and Rs1,809,000, respectively whereas Altis automatic and Altis automatic with sunroof will cost Rs1,809,000 and Rs1,899,000, respectively.

In the current market, I am a huge supporter of buying used cars, because you’ll find better build quality alongwith better and more advanced features and also some value for money as well. Click here to find out the cars that’ll come in the range of 1.5 million PKR to 2.0 million PKR so you can make a better decision for your next car.

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  1. aamir says

    first of all, try to write an unbiased review and get ur facts straight. dual vvti is way different then honda’s decade old vtec. both intake and output valves can be varied in dual vvti whereas only intakes are varied in vtec.

  2. bk says

    We have to write in a way that ordinary person can understand therefore, I said if Honda has VTEC than Toyota has VVTI which is also almost two decades old. It came first in 1991 as VVT.
    This isn’t a review though.

  3. anwarali says

    looking for indus corolla in karachi city having registration of punjab and khyber pukhtoonkhwa…

  4. Changez Khan says

    As long as we have these successive corrupt and fake parliamentarians and Govt we will suffer and hence prices of every thing will keep rising no matter what. These manufacturers bribe all Govt machinery minister’s their families fake fraud parliamentarians . The result you see now in Islamabad regarding the rise of PTI and PAT. We as Pakistani have reached the height of frustration of no return. Some took guns and we’re called Taliban and some became banned groups all these are the result of these corrupt Govt and fake degrees parliamentarians. They collected much wealth and poor Pakistanis only are happy with buying just one Corolla and that too on high unjustified prices due to these corrupt fake officials Govt and parliamentarians. Rise up and destroy them.

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