Local auto dealers tampering odometers of cars

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It isn’t a surprising revelation for most of us as auto dealers have always been famous for malpractices and theft. Today though, the situation has become so widespread that it is estimated that approximately 50 percent of auto dealers in the city are involved in this unprofessional practice just to add even more hefty sums to their already huge profits on imported used cars.

The report which is published by The News International, says that the entire reason why meter-reversing goes unnoticed is that buyers don’t demand the auction-papers that agencies in Japan release with the car and which car the exact mileage and other vital data.

Rather than bringing along a mechanic to inspect the car, all you need to do is understand the auction-paper and that mechanic’s presence is pointless.

The News International also got hold of the charges that one mechanic famous for reversing odometers charges which are; ” Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 for below 1500cc vehicles and Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 for above 1500cc vehicles. Sources added that actual beneficiaries of this malpractice are showroom owners who increase the prices of the cars after reversing the meters by 20,000 kms to 25,000 kms.”

Buyers should be made aware that they shouldn’t buy imported cars which don’t have auction-papers, and without completely looking and understanding them as they detail all that’s either good or bad with the vehicle.

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  1. Waqas Aawan says

    Qabar ma ja kr hisab dain gy to pta chale ga in ko..

  2. Agha Mohsin says

    the said news is very normal for us as we are use to for such stupid activities , just 660cc car you are selling in above 0.8 million I mean you people are already getting abnormal profit on the cars but the lust will never let you go ethically so point is how do we trust on the seller, car buying selling is I thing the the most corrupted business of today….

  3. Saqib Raza says

    Dear this is nothing new. And for your information most of the cars are 100 ~ 150K driven, whereas ODO meter shows 20 to 30K. So actually the meters are reversed by more than 80000 kms not 20~25000kms.

  4. Ejaz Hussain says

    O my GOD. Whats going on.

  5. Faiz Bhatti says

    how to read the auction papers since very few things eg the running & grade is in english. the rest is in japanese.

  6. Muhammad Sheraz Saifi says

    The other most important thing is that most of these imported cars are accidented/damaged and being repaired by local denters and painters.

  7. Ausaf Ur Rahman says

    My Friends it is my personal experience, a Suzuki Swift (new imported model) of 2011 (Black in colour) was repaired at denting painting garage near to my home, two doors were damaged from one side. after two three days I saw the same cars for sale near to my office at "The Mall Motors saddar Rawalpindi", I asked the dealer is repaired or no, he said I do not have any idea you just check by your own self.

    so Guys be careful, you might now the sunami in Japan and many cars got damaged at that time.

  8. Muhammad Fahad says

    Assalam o allikum to all my fellow friends. I do agree with the written article but not fully. Not all the dealers do this. There are all sorts of buyers and sellers in the market. As for the statement says make heavy profit. I don't agree. Today competition is very tough. Buyer has full knowledge. Everything is available to buyer. Buyers who are interested in getting cars they shop around before spending their money and they buy car from where they get better price. So in this tough economic condition I would take all the things on mind before writing any thing. Now if a buyer is expecting to get a used Japanese car with 4 to 4.5 grade and mileage under 20000 km and many other things than he should understand that he will have to pay the price accordingly. But it makes no sense that in budge of high mileage car with one or two pieces touch up you expect to buy a newer model and upper grade. Reality check, it is a buyer who force to make dealers cheat or change things around. Look at the dollar. Look at local policies. Look at the time and money involved. Its the business for a deal and will make some money is their right. Car is a car not a bread that you sell many whole day. Operational cost is involved. Government fees and bills are involved like another business and it all has to come out of somewhere. So please before writing any misguided article make sure to do some homework in detail. Yes I am an auto dealer. I encourage you to please spend a day or two with any dealer and see what the reality is. Rest Allah knows the best. No one cheats by his own wish it's people who make him do so. If buyer accepts that he can't afford the real thing than he should understand that he should accept what he can afford. You get what you pay. You cant get a five star meal in the price of burns road ki nihari. People happily pay high amount of money for cars like new mehran. Boland. And other brands which have no quality. SAFETY or features. Corolla xli is 1.5 million plus and you still get no power window. No power locks. And nothing yet you still buy happily and don't complain. And also happily soebd another 30000 to get the features. I feel sad for the people.

  9. Syed Hassan Abbas says

    Reason is that low mileage and total bumper to bumper genuine car is very expansive in japan…and our market or end user cant afford price……here I am putting an example all of u know daihatsu Mira 2010 model u can get from the market in 9 lacs to 9.75 lacs max…..but dear in that price u can buy high mileage plus repaired car…….mira 2010 model prices in japan lies 3 lacs to 8 lacs….now its depend on the market…..if dealers import high grade car then no one will pay…then people said that in market its price is 9 lacs and u r offering us 11 lacs….

    so the case is simple……if u pay us more we will import a quality cars.

    pay us 11 lacs for mira then there will be no excuse from the customer.

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